Travel Log ~ Scotland

I have been dreaming of traveling to Scotland since I was a little girl and this summer I finally got to go and took my little girl with me. It was so incredibly special to me to have Hazel and Tim with me. To watch Hazel run through the fields, climb rocks and explore the rugged terrain freely made my heart soar. Seeing Tim enjoy the culture as he hopped from pub to pub making friends with every bar keep and trying haggis and blood pudding made me smile. Being able to celebrate my birthday in the country that captured my heart before I ever set foot in it was absolutely magical. Scotland was everything I dreamed it would be and more and it was absolutely amazing to experience it with my family! I can’t wait to go back and hope to vey soon!

For those planning a trip to Scotland here are some of my recommendations. Plan for two or more weeks so you can experience Scotland right. Ask the locals what to order for food and enjoy trying new things. Spend a day or two in Edinburgh but for the rest of your trip head out to the highlands and go hike, horseback ridding, etc. You cannot come to Scotland and not get lost in it’s gorgeous nature! Bring your hiking boots and go get lost! 🙂 Isle of Skye is a must see. Don’t skip it! Go to as many pubs as you can, you will meet amazing people there. Tim’s favorite was The World’s End in Edinburgh. Stop to watch the street performers. If you’re a Harry Potter nerd go ride the Hogwarts Express. Buy a kilt and listen to the bagpipes.

Scotland is an amazing country and it’s close to two of my other favorite places, Ireland and London. I highly recommend taking a month to explore all three and enjoy a UK holiday. The food is GREAT, the people are friendly and inspiring and the landscape is out of this world. There is a reason so many films choose to film their movies in these gorgeous places.

Scotland and all of the UK is very family friendly and is a great summer holiday for the family. Hazel loved climbing, hiking and exploring with us. Tim especially loved that their were family oriented pubs where we could eat dinner and he could order delicious beer. He could write a whole blog post on how different and how much better the beer is in Scotland. It kind of spoiled him for drinking beer in America. I can’t drink beer because of my celiac disease but I’ll take his word on it.

Overall Scotland should be on everyone’s bucket list and if you’ve been debating on whether or not to book a trip, do it now! Flight deals always change and you can sometimes find $400 tickets direct to Scotland but I usually find it cheaper to fly to London and then take the train to Scotland which is such a lovely experience! While you’re there you can even check out King’s Cross Station and visit Platform 9 3/4.

Happy adventuring!




A Stirling Guest Hotel Wedding ~ Liana & Alex


Since I just got back from adventuring with these two on their honeymoon in Austria I wanted to share their enchanting wedding day at the charming Stirling Guest Hotel with you. A lot of the amazing details and style from their day reminded me of Sound Of Music which just made me chuckle as they chose to honeymoon right outside of Salzburg where lot of the filming for that movie took place. That should show you just how much of a nerd I am. lol

Liana and Alex are a sweet, unique and special couple. Their love for one another is evident and their whole day that just shined through. Just moments before Liana was about to walk down the aisle it started torrentially down pouring and everyone made a mad dash inside. But that didn’t matter they were just so excited to get married to each other and the romantic candlelit staircase was just fine by them. Throughout the rest of the night there was so much shared laughter and joy.

Liana and Alex chose to only have their closest friends and family there to celebrate on their wedding day. The warm intimate feel of their reception was like being invited over for a big family thanksgiving dinner. Absolute perfection. As their loved ones stood up and talked about how much they loved them and how proud they were of these two my heart swelled just like the grinch’s. It was a true honor to be there to witness the day they said I Do. It was an even bigger honor to adventure with them while on their honeymoon and capture them in all their newly wed adorableness. I left a sneak peak of their session at the end of this blog but you’ll have to stay tuned to see the rest. 🙂

Since I have such adventure loving couples I have reworked my wedding collections to offer an all inclusive collection where honeymoon sessions are included! That means no extra travel cost or lodging cost, it’s all worked right into the one time price. I also added a collection that has an add on adventure session for day after sessions if you want to go hike somewhere here in the states in your full wedding attire. If you want to hear more about those please feel free to go to my contract form, fill it out and let’s get started planning an adventure together. 🙂

Alex and Liana thank you so much for inviting me to capture so many of your special and timeless moments! I definitely hope to adventure more with you guys in the future! Keep on being the sweet, kind and amazing people you are! <3





Positano Vow Renewal


I’ve been holding on to this intimate vow renewal in Positano, Italy for way too long! I know so many of you have been wanting to see this and I’m sorry for making your wait so long! I think part of me was waiting to post because I didn’t want this trip to be over. I loved my time in Italy with Andrew and Rebecca and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. Italy is magical, the food, the people the amazing landscapes so vast and different wherever you go and oh the WINE! I absolutely loved exploring this beautiful place and I loved capturing Andrew and Rebecca’s steadfast love for each other.

Andrew and Rebecca are parents to two beautiful little girls and they have been living as a family in Italy while Andrew is stationed there and Rebecca explores as much of Italy as she can in her free time with her girls. It definitely is one of the many things that inspired me to travel with my own daughter and oh my heart is that rewarding. So thank you for that Becky! <3 It really made such an impact on my life!

I always love watching couples and their unique way of loving each other and my time with Andrew and Rebecca was no exception. A love that started a family, an adventure together and that is standing the test of time. It always warms my heart to see this because I truly believe love is worth it and needs to be celebrated in this world. I’m so glad I had the chance to capture this intimate vow renewal in the enchanting city of Positano.

This dress has kinda become a trend ever since Rebecca wore it so well and it’s really cool to see that since I love unique dresses. This dress is from the very talented designer Chotronette and the absolutely stunning vow books were designed by my good friend at Flourish Grace Calligraphy. I will link both of their sights for all you brides out there to check out their awesome work!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through this lovely session and if you’re looking to elope or get married in Italy, PLEASE reach out to me because my heart is longing to go back to this gorgeous country!





Travel Log ~ London


I’ve travel to quick a few cities around the world and I haven’t loved any as much as I have loved London. I’m much more of a country girl so I’m never that big a fan of cities as I feel they are too crowded, not enough greenery and usually too loud for my liking. But London, I don’t know if it’s because it was the first time I was able to take Tim and Hazel with me to Europe or just London’s charm… but I loved it. I loved the food, the sights, the charm, the musicians on the street, the people but most of all I loved watching Tim fall in love with this city. Tim has always loved the idea of being in a community where he could walk to everything and yet there was tons to explore, so London was perfect for him.

Hazel loved soaking in everything as well, she was such a traveling champ! She never really had a meltdown even though she never really got a nap on this trip. She fell asleep in her stroller or backpack carrier when she wanted to but we never took a break and went home for a nap. There was way too much to see and to EAT. I love eating in Europe so much. I have a painful gut due to years of having Celiac Disease and not knowing it so it hurts all the time in America. But in Europe my gut never hurts! Why, because they don’t put junk in their food. So I ate all of the food I could and loved every single second of it.

We traveled to London with my dear cousin, her kids and her mom and oh it was just such a refreshing and fun time. We went to the London Zoo, Buckingham Palace, and Tim and I searched out all the Harry Potter things we could including King’s Cross station and many other locations that the movies were filmed. We ate out just about every night, laughed, giggled and just had the absolutely best holiday. We met up with my cousin’s cousin who lives there and he showed us around and he and Tim became quite good friends. 🙂

All in all we definitely fell in love with this city and can’t wait to go back as a family since London was so kid friendly. We love the friends we made and can’t get the charm of London out of our hearts. If you are debating on whether or not to add this city to your travel list, DO IT! You can thank me later. 🙂 Walk around and find the hidden chems, listen to the street music, eat all the food and then take a train to the countryside and further enjoy the charm of this country. See you later London, we miss you!





A Lovely Wedding At The Beaumont Inn ~ Adam and Danielle


Adam and Danielle’s lovely Beaumont wedding was so full of absolutely precious memories to capture and tear jerking moments that I cried the whole time I was editing their wedding gallery. From the sweet reaction from dad during his first look at his little girl as a bride all the way to the reception as Danielle’s brother cheered on his sister as she gave her maid of honor speech. I don’t know if I stopped crying happy tears all day.

Danielle is an exceptionally beautiful woman on the outside but that has nothing on how beautiful her spirit is. She is so kindhearted, generous and open with everyone. She has a heart that just wants to love and give to others and I was so inspired and blown away by that. And of course Adam rightfully so is head over heals for her. His gentle and patient nature suits Danielle so well. Danielle is wonderful at many things but does tend to be forgetful and a little clumsy. I found out as we were hiking up a mountain for their engagement session but Adam always responds with so much patience and grace. I have a hard time even imagining Adam being cross with someone. They are both just such incredibly sweet people.

It didn’t surprise me at all that their friends and loved ones also had wonderful characters and were all lovely people. I was absolutely floored with how blessed I was to be invited to document this lovely wedding. Out of all the crazy adventures I get to be a part of the best are the ones full with love and commitment like Adam and Danielle’s wedding day was.

Adam and Danielle, thank you so much for trusting me with documenting your absolutely perfect wedding day and I hope you and your family enjoy these images for years to come. <3






Travel Log ~ Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


As we come to the end of summer I wanted to share with you a travel log from one of my favorite trips this summer, Mexico. This trip was the refreshing experience I needed this summer. A chance to see my traveling girl friends, drink Piña coladas on the beach, eat tacos and see the beauty of Mexico. I didn’t get to photograph as much of Mexico as I wanted and my trip definitely wasn’t as long as I would have liked but it left me entranced by this beautiful country and longing to go back. I went cliff jumping (which was definitely one of my favorite new experiences), got a tan, ate lots of food and had quality time with friends I don’t get to see very often.

Playa Del Carmen Mexico is a colorful, exotic and friendly place with lots of great places to explore near by like Xel-Ha, Chichen Itza, Tulum Ruins,Valladolid and so many amazing cenotes. The crystal clear blue water is enchanting, the people are just so hospitable and oh my heart the food! Yum! I was able to photograph some of my beautiful friends while they enjoyed Mexico and that’s always my favorite thing. I love capturing people enjoying a new place and each other, there is something so special about that to me. This world is a big and beautiful place that should be explored. It helps bring light to a dark world when we love each other and enjoy the beauty this world has to offer.

I could go on and on about how great this trip is but I’m almost to emotional to type it all out but I’ll just say its a time I’ll always cherish with my friends and anxiously await the next time we take on a new country. I’m blessed to have these awesome girls to explore this planet with and share in daily struggles and joys.

Below is some of the beauty of Playa Del Carmen’s streets and beaches and I promise you it’s only a little glimpse of the beauty of this country. There are many things and places I would like to go back and explore and hopefully one day I’ll get to. I hope you enjoy scrolling through and it inspires you to go explore Mexico for yourself. 🙂

P.S. I know I’m very behind on my travel logs and I intend to share more about my adventures and travels from this year soon, including Italy, London, Scotland, Ireland, Austria and Greece. So stayed tuned!





A Hidden Valley Animal Adventure Wedding ~ Kacey and Nolan


Kacey and Nolan’s Hidden Valley Animal Adventure wedding was absolutely one of my favorite memories from July and I went to Mexico in July so that should put it in to perspective just how amazing this day was. From the sweet emotions from family and friends, getting to connect with a very friendly zebra, and Kacey and Nolan’s tender love for each other, this day left me in awe. I’m always so thankful to tell each and every love story and this day was no exception! Love is meant to be celebrated and although we all celebrate it in different ways across the world the feeling is always the same. That’s why I truly love being a part of so many different celebrations. Different countries, different traditions etc because no matter how different it is when true love is celebrated it’s always the same.

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is a charming venue full of life and I’m so happy Kacey and Nolan chose it for their wedding day. The lodge has a very homey yet regal feeling and being surrounded by so many lovely animals made the experience quite a treats. Kacey, Nolan and I all got to visit with a very friendly zebra that had a special fondness for Nolan. We gave him quite a few butt rubs since they seemed to be his favorite, the zebra, not Nolan lol.

Throughout the day there so many sweet words shared from family and friends and there was a LOT of laughter. You could tell that this was a collection of the people who really meant the most to them in this world. It’s always such an honor to capture those precious memories. I fall in love with my job all over again at every wedding. What a blessing this job is, getting to witness new love every weekend and meeting couples who inspire me. Thank you Kacey and Nolan for asking me to document your unique and beautiful day! Enjoy scrolling through everyone! 🙂





Cartlandia Engagement Session



Lauren and Kevin’s Cartlandia Engagement Session was SO much fun! Not only was it the only time I didn’t get rained on for a session that week but their ability to have fun with each other just made this whole session so enjoyable. This may have been the rainiest spring and summer I ever remember having but it has not lacked from love and that has brightened things up considerably.

I so enjoyed exploring Portland with these two, I definitely need to go back because I did not get enough time to try all the yummy food. If you’ve never been to Portland’s Cartlandia it’s this amazing food truck haven. It’s as cute as it is yummy and everyone there is the kindest and most inspiring creators of yummy food. They let Lauren and Kevin cuddle up next to their food trucks without a hesitation. Meeting kind souls is always inspiring in a world where we are taught to only care for ourselves.

Lauren and Kevin were so obviously head over heals for each other and that’s always my favorite thing to watch when a couple is so in love that they forget everything else around them. I’m so happy I had the chance to meet them and capture their sweet love. Now feel free to scroll through and witness their adorable love. 🙂





Intimate Wedding At Willow Tree Grove


Matt and Diane’s intimate wedding at willow tree grove just made my heart sing, and if you feel like I say this about all my couple’s weddings, you are probably right. I only take on 25 weddings a year for a reason and that’s so I can be selective and choose to work with the couples who I really feel a connection to. It’s only August and already this year has been filled with such amazing couples and such special celebrations. Matt and Diane’s wedding was no exception, it was full of real, beautiful, heartfelt emotion, and so so SO much love. The love they had for each other was so apparent but I was also blown away at their families love for them and theirs for their family. That’s one of my absolute favorite things about weddings is seeing the connection between their families and ones they hold most dear. Those memories timeless and should be cherished always.

Matt first met Diane while he was out at eating and decided to hit on the prettiest waitress he ever laid his eyes on (can we pause for a moment to talk about what a gorgeous bride Diane was?! I mean seriously unreal! Perfection!), it worked and now here they are as husband and wife. (Don’t you just love hearing stories about how couples met and fall in love? I do!) Their love and respect for each other was so alive and vibrant. Diane lovingly wiped tears from his eyes during their ceremony and I think everyone in the audience was emotionally wrecked after that, in a good way. As the day continued the love, joy and tears never stopped. From the ceremony, the first dances all the way to the toasts the love kept on pouring out.

I’m so humbled and blessed I was asked to document this beautiful day! Thank you Matt and Diane for trusting me to document you love and preserve your memories! Congratulations and have the best first year of marriage! As 2019 weddings are filling up my calendar I can’t help but feel so thankful and excited to meet more couples like Matt and Diane, hear more loves stories and document more love. Get in touch today if you’re planning a wedding in 2019! I want to meet you and hear all about your story.





Traditional Indian Wedding At Friedman Farms ~ Steve & Shikha


I’m sitting here trying to express all of the love in my heart for Steve and Shikha and their beautiful celebration of their marriage and I just can’t find the right words. It was such an incredible honor to be asked to document their wedding! So much love, joy, and beauty wrapped up into one weekend. Their traditional Indian celebration made my heart sing! The big thing I took away from this experience is that Indian weddings get it really really right on how to celebrate love! I’ve never seen so much dancing, laughing and smiles! It warmed my soul! I’m telling you this was just a very special wedding.

Steve and Shikha are such an inspiring couple, unfailingly kind and generous and hopelessly in love with each other. Could it get any better?! I seriously do just fall in love with all my couples, I can’t help it. I’ve been so blessed to be impacted by each and everyone of my amazing couples. You all really do inspire me to be a kinder, more loving and better version of myself, (Sorry I’m rambling because I’m all emotional). and Steve and Shikha were no exception. I knew from the first time I met them that they were special and I’m so thankful to know them.

Steve and Shikha chose to have their wedding at the stunning Friedman Farms and it was such a beautiful place for all their friends and family to gather. We laughed, ate good food and danced the night away. Oh it made my heart so full! I’m so happy that there exists in this world a couple as sweet and loving as Steve and Shikha, and oh how excited I am to see all that they will journey on to do together. Lots of love to you both and thank you again for inviting me to document your love story!

Scroll through and enjoy all the beauty and love from their day and be sure to get in touch if you’re ready to celebrate your love! I can’t wait to meet you and document your love story. As my 2019 calendar starts filling up I’m overwhelmed with the amazing love stories I get to document and the people I get to meet. I feel SO blessed by all of you! <3