An Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session ~ Alan and Andrea


I had such a lovely time with Alan and Andrea in Old Town Alexandria for their engagement session! What a charming place and with these two it was full of romance and adorableness. It drizzled throughout their entire session but they were total champs and we braved the rain. Even with the rain it was still one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been too. Full of beauty and rich history Alexandria should be on everyone’s list of places that you must visit. All the little shops, the charming architecture and sweet people makes it a relaxing and wonderful place to stay. My stay there really felt like stepping on to the set of You’ve Got Mail, it was truly that charming.

Alan and Andrea are so adorable! All it takes is one visit with them to tell they still give each other butterflies and are each other’s biggest fans. That’s the kind of genuine love I adore to witness and capture. I have known Andrea since high school and it makes me so happy to see her with such a sweet and caring man. He seriously dotes on her and she is definitely his biggest supporter and best friend. I get giddy thinking of their wedding day that is quickly approaching! It will truly be a special day!

Thank you for inviting me to the place that captured both of your hearts and the place you met and fell in love! Such a wonderful experience! Also special thanks to Andrea for helping me jumpstart my car after I left my lights on in the middle of D.C. Hahaha what an adventure! Enjoy some of my favorites from my time with Andrea and Alan and stay tuned for their wedding this October!






A Woodloch Pines Lakeside Wedding ~ Laura and Tyler


I am finally getting around to blogging some of my amazing spring weddings from this year. I know, it’s almost fall, I’m so bad. But I promise to try and catch up and post a wedding hopefully every other week in between all the other awesome engagement sessions, family sessions and sessions from my travels this summer. Hopefully I will at least get all these spring weddings blogged for you before fall and then I’ll roll out the amazing summer weddings. I’ve been so blessed this year with so many adventures with my couples that I just can’t wait to share with you all! So thank you for your patience, I promise it’s worth it!

Laura and Tyler got married in May at this lakeside wedding which was so sweet to witness. Laura and Tyler are just a pleasure to know and so easy to be friends with. That was evident as I watch them interact with their guest that everyone loved them. They are genuinely kind people and their day was full of happy tears and laughter which is everything I could wish for such a lovely couple.

Woodloch Pines is such a beautiful venue, it is nestled in a pristine mountain lake vacation setting.I mean what better place to get married than right by a beautiful lake?  I wish I could show you everything but I’m sure that would overwhelm everyone so here are some of my favorite moments from their day. I hope you enjoy!





Romance At The Cliffs Of Moher ~ Wayland and Savannah

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, sorry guys! It’s been hard to keep up with all my summer travels but hopefully this absolutely breath taking session will make up for it! This romantic session at the Cliffs of Moher has completely stolen my heart! It was so hard to not post every single picture I captured from this session because they are all magical! I’m still swooning hard over it! Savannah and Wayland are one of the most amazing couples I’ve ever had the chance to photograph. Savannah’s dress seemed to be handmade by the sea and it was as if the sea kept calling to us. I’m sure I sound dramatic but I cannot describe how amazing my experience was at the Cliffs of Moher, it’s seriously one of the most beautiful places in the world!

I seriously just don’t even have the words to express how I feel about this session and all the exploring I did while in Ireland while I was at the House of Flynn Ireland workshop. It was the experience of a lifetime and I met so many other talented artists there, Savannah included. I left a piece of my heart there in Ireland. It’s truly a beautiful and magical place.

My adventurous heart craves and adores sessions like these and that’s why I am having a honeymoon session giveaway! I’m excited to see the places all my couples are going and to see who wins! Let’s travel the world together and document your love! Winner will be announced on September 1st. Email me for more info!

These were all shot for the wonderful House Of Flynn Ireland Workshop.

Models:  Savannah Kate Morgan and Wayland Morgan

Savannah’s dress designer :




An Intimate Coffee Shop Elopement


I’m so excited to share this Styled Intimate Coffee Shop Elopement with you! It was so incredibly beautiful and I worked with a dream team of vendors which means there was a whole lot pretty details!! From the ceremony details to the stunning cigar bar everything was perfect! The styling was absolutely perfect and it brought my vision to life perfectly. I’ve had this styled shoot in my head for a while and I’m so happy to see it finally carried out. I’ve always found the idea of eloping in a coffee shop in an intimate ceremony sounded so romantic. I do hope at least one of your reading sees this and decides to elope in a coffee shop and if you are looking for the perfect vendors for it I can highly recommend these lovely people!

Planner ~ Patchwork Planning ~

Vintage Rentals ~ Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals ~

Stationery/Signage ~ Flourish Grace Calligraphy ~

Florist ~ Ambiance Floral Design ~

Hair and Make Up Artist ~ Studio Rd & Co ~ Studio Rd & Co

Venue ~ Duffy’s Coffee House ~

Band ~ Apex ~

Videographer ~ Jess Palatucci ~

Jewelry ~ Nespoli’s ~

Makeup ~ Kelly Jordan

Attire ~ Target

Keep scrolling through for some lovely wedding/elopement inspiration! 🙂






An Emotional And Intimate Garden Wedding ~ Stephanie & Max


There are hardly words to describe this intimate garden wedding at the Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh. The thing that made Stephanie and Max’s Wedding day beautiful wasn’t their color scheme, bouquets, or decorations but the pure love and joy that was present. The amount of tears and emotion I witnessed and felt was incredibly special and heartwarming. I encourage all engaged couples to consider having an intimate wedding for this very reason. There is no way to describe how beautiful having just your close friends and family by your side, skipping traditions and stripping the day down to exactly what is meant to be, a celebration of a new family being formed. It’s truly a privilege to witness Stephanie and Max’s day, everything from their vow, the poems they had family read, and the toasts was just magical. You could really see the love everyone had for these two souls and I welled up more than once. What could be more beautiful than the love of two people bring others together in harmony.

It was evident that Stephanie and Max are people who spend most of their time caring for others and trying to make the world a better place as every single one of their friends and family said in their toasts and just by how they treated everyone. They met overseas in the Peace Corp and Max even used a flag from that country to wipe his tears during their vows. And oh their vows, so genuinely beautiful. I wish I could remember them word for word because it truly embodied a commitment to each other that is so rare. Max had even made sure to give Stephanie a conflict free ring which is something that is something I’m passionate about as well. They truly made me reminisce about my time in Ethiopia serving orphans and long to go back. I love meeting people who truly make caring for others a priority.

Weddings like this remind me why I love what I do so much, meeting wonderful people and documenting beautiful memories and love. That’s why I always approach every wedding in a documentary style because that’s honestly what I’m there to do, document an life changing event. It’s a very special job and I love every opportunity I get to do it. Please enjoy a small look into their day, I had such a hard time narrowing down what to share. It was all just so beautiful!










Isaac Benjamin’s Birth ~ Fresh 48 Session


This past weekend my best friend’s baby boy was born and I’m still giddy about it! He came three days early and I didn’t even have a chance to post his parent’s maternity session, which is why I snuck them into this post. 😉  Isaac couldn’t have more eager parents, little boy you will be so very loved! Knowing my best friend, you’ll be spoiled rotten with affection! What a blessed little boy you are Isaac, and you certainly are a precious little one.

I raced to the hospital as soon as I got the heads up so I could snuggle with this sweet boy and capture some of his first moments and I must say Fresh 48 Sessions are one of the most emotional and beautiful sessions ever! What an honor to photograph a new precious life and the impact that precious life has on their parents and all their loved ones. It’s simply beautiful!

I always forget how small they start out! It seems like just yesterday Caroline was visiting me in the hospital after Hazel was born and she was glowing as I’m sure I was holding baby Isaac. There is something very special about watching your friends have babies. I can’t put words to it but it has me swelling up with so much emotion!

Isaac has taken to breastfeeding like a champ which is such a blessing! Any breastfeeding mama who has had trouble with their newborn latching will agree that a baby that takes right to it is a HUGE blessing! Isaac also loves cuddles with his mama, it’s favorite thing besides eating so far. 🙂

As I’m sure you’ll see from the very evident joy plastered all over Carrie and Justin’s faces, they adore their son! I love this little family and I can’t wait to watch it grow and see Isaac reach all the cute milestones. And I absolutely cannot wait for Hazel to meet her new friend! Welcome to the world Isaac Benjamin Bedford, we love you!







Hazel’s ~Under The Sea~ First Birthday Party


Hazel turned one! I still can’t believe it even though it’s a whole month later. We had the perfect little Under The Sea birthday party for her. I had two of the best vendors around behind this special day and I’m still in love with how it all came together. I hired Chippy White Table for the vintage rentals and decor which was so much fun after adoring their work at some of the weddings I photographed last year, it was awesome to get to be on the customer side of it! And as an added bonus one of my best friends works there now and I’ve always admired the way she can make any space pretty, and she definitely made Hazel’s party so pretty! <3

I had Lola’s Dessert Shoppe design and make Hazel’s mermaid cake and oh my goodness I was SO in love!! It was so pretty and tasty! It was absolutely perfect! Hazel definitely didn’t appreciate it, she just wanted to destroy it! Hahaha oh children, but I definitely ate a lot of it after she as done throwing it at people. Yummy Yummy!

She crawled around in her adorable birthday outfit from her Aunt Amy, terrorizing poor Charlie, trying to give him kisses. She threw cake, belly laughed and showed her beautiful little personality like always. I’m in love with this little girl and her ability to love everyone, she is the most friendly baby I know. Sometimes she so friendly she scares other kids off with her affection, hahaha! I hope she never loses that and she always blesses the world with that kindness. The precious innocence and love is something I will always cherish. I’m not gonna cry…. no tears…. pull it together.

It was a perfect day with friends and their children to celebrate my baby girl! I couldn’t be more thankful for all my friends and family and for my adorable, hilarious, loving little girl! She surely has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives! I love her more than words can tell! I hope you enjoy the pictures and I’ve also listed the websites of Chippy White Table and Lola’s Dessert Shoppe, be sure to go check them out and keep them in mind for your wedding day or any other special occasions.








Mountain Top Gypsy Styled Elopement


I can’t even find the words to describe how amazing this Gypsy Styled Elopement went(which for some reason is giving me a strong Wizard Of Oz vibe). From the perfect vendors, perfect couple, and gorgeous sunset….. oh I was in heaven! Renee from Forget Me Not Rentals and I came up with this idea and everyone generously donated their creative genius and passion to this project. For anyone planning a wedding be sure to keep special attention to all the vendors listed below because they are amazing!

Wise Woodin Estate is a beautiful mountain top venue and the absolute perfect place to elope or have an intimate wedding! Sweet Caroline Styles wedding separates are perfect for a mountain top elopement, her creations are just spectacular! Flourish Grace Calligraphy created pure magic! Ambiance Floral Design provided the perfect florals that perfectly captured the wild and romantic in this shoot! Lola Dessert Shoppe made a ridiculously beautiful cake that was also deliciously gluten free, after getting a small taste I hired her to make my daughter’s first birthday cake. Seriously good cake guys! Modern Edge Salon did a stunning job on make up and hair, I’m in awe of the beautiful job they did! The Fox and the Stone creates just perfect jewelry for the adventurous soul and I had to her work be part of this shoot! And Jennifer and Daniel, oh I can’t say enough about these two and their connection! We all were in love with these two, just flawless models. Candice from The Patchwork Planner made everything come together perfectly as always! Like I said, absolute dream team!

I hope these photos inspire some of you adventurous souls who dream of eloping or an intimate wedding and gave you a head start on the people to contact to help you plan the perfect day! We all loved bring this inspiration to life and I’m so proud of how it all turned out. Go ahead and scroll down and enjoy!






SeaGlass Carousal Proposal ~ Adam and Elyse

I’ve been neglecting blogging recently as I’ve been traveling and working like crazy but I promise to be better as I have so much to share with you all. I just have to start with this heartwarming NYC Proposal because it’s impossible to not love!

This proposal was one of the sweetest things ever! Adam and Elyse are such a sweet couple and their love for each other was so evident! Real tears were shed and real joy was plastered all over Elyse’s face. I wish more people were as thoughtful as Adam and hire a photographer to be there for their proposal. Capturing the afterglow of this proposal was such a high, their love is so beautiful!

The SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park in NYC was a stunning and epic location! NYC is such a romantic city at night and the perfect atmosphere to compliment these two. The romantic city lights and the glow on both Adam’s and Elyse’s faces were so beautiful I couldn’t help but swoon. What an honor it was to capture this moment for them! This is exactly what I love so much about my job is capturing moments like this for my clients to treasure forever. It’s the best feeling ever and it will always give me a high to get to capture genuine emotions. I hope you all enjoy looking through my time with Adam and Elyse and try not to swoon to hard. 😉







A Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement ~ Katy & Luke


Philadelphia is a magical city and I had the pleasure of exploring it a bit with Katy and Luke for their E session. We had a great time and they showed me the hidden gem John F. CollinS Park and then we went to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens which is every bit as magical as I thought it would be! It’s like a completely different world! Isn’t it amazing how art can take you places you’ve never been before. It was so special getting to enjoy it with one of my 2017 couples. I love engagement sessions, they are such a great time to spend with my couples before their wedding day. What better way to spend your day then walking around and adoring art and hidden gems in the beautiful city of Philly?

As you scroll through their engagement session I’m sure it will be obvious that Katy and Luke are such a sweet and loving couple. They were so patient with me as I drove past our meeting spot five times before I realized it was the spot, I get lost so easily in the city. I also fell in front of a ton of people in an extravagant way, as is the Bethel way. So all in all I wasn’t on the top of my game but they were SO kind about it all and I feel that says a lot about who they are, genuinely sweet people.

I wish I had more room to show more of their session but I don’t want to overwhelm you guys. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their session! I cannot wait for their wedding day and I can’t wait to explore Philadelphia again with some of my other couples! Enjoy the beauty and sweetness below!