The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of The Adventure Elopements Fad

It’s no secret to most that “Adventure Elopements” has become a huge thing. It’s taken Instagram and many other social media platforms by storm. It’s what almost all of the big name photographers are doing, traveling the world and photographing elopements… or at least that’s what it looks like

With this new fad there are some good things that have come from it and some bad. Let’s dig into it.

The Bad

As with anything that becomes hugely popular seemingly overnight, there will be a lot of copy cats. Now I truly believe there is enough room for everyone in the industry but here is the problem with copy cats, their heart is in it for the wrong reasons. The whole draw for Adventure Elopements was for couples who wanted a private celebration lost in nature, it wasn’t about becoming insta famous. But so many “Adventure Elopement Photographers” are in it because it’s cool and not because they resonate with the couples who long for this kind of day. A lot of them don’t even care about nature or even like it.

When this started out it the audience it was trying to reach were couples who valued time alone together, camping, hiking and the beauty that this planet has to offer. It had nothing to do with seeming cool or having a JuneBug Worthy wedding/elopement. Unfortunately a large percent of photographers are telling couples this is what they should want.

While I am all for encouraging couples to go against the grain if that is what they want but we as photographers should never tell someone how they need to do their wedding. That’s the whole reason people want to elope in the first place because they are tired of being told how they have to have their wedding be!

The Ugly

What stems from this increase of copy cats trying to be someone they are not something really awful has happened. Photographers and couples who don’t care about the country or place they are eloping in and destroying land. This literally makes me want to cry.

No one is perfect and I don’t have any problem with someone who simply made a mistake but it’s a whole other thing when there is a blatant disregard for the land and country you are in. Parts of Iceland had to be shut off because of photographers not minding the signs and destroying land there. It will take years to repair.

If you are actually an Adventure Elopement Photographer it is your job to do the research to make sure you are sensitive of the plant life, wildlife etc. It is your job to help guide your couples in this as well. Don’t leave trash, don’t trample plants and respect the wildlife. Be wise and prepared for the weather.

It is further proof that many don’t have their hearts in the right place on this and only want one thing, insta fame. Their hearts aren’t actually set on fire by couples saying I do in a private nature setting. This is not an elaborate styled shoot that can share in a facebook group to gain likes and attention, this is someone’s wedding day. It deserves respect.

The Good

Despite all the crap people have tried to make out of Adventure Elopements on very good thing has happened from this fad. Couples who did not feel seen or understood in the wedding industry now do, and that is beautiful. If you ever felt anxious about the idea of a big wedding surround by people you don’t care to have with you but “had to” due to social pressure, you don’t have to anymore. There is a place for you here.

The rulebook has been thrown out and couples are starting to realize they can have their own fairytale wedding experience and it doesn’t have to be what society says it should.

And for the right people it has sparked even more love and care for our planet. It’s connected them to places they may have never gone before and it’s connected people who may have never met before as well.

So for all the bad and negative things that have come out of this there is an equally positive change from it as well. Let’s strive to do better about the bad and ugly parts of it and keep encouraging the good. If a truly unique and private experience immersed in nature is something that resonates with you, DO IT! Just make sure when hiring a photographer you find someone who cares about this planet and will be respectful of the country or place you are going.



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