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I believe love is worth celebrating, worth making a big deal about and worth shouting at the top of your lungs. Let's face it, this world can be a dark and hard place these days and in the darkest times and places it is all the more important to bring attention to what is good and beautiful. For me I believe that is love. Love trumps hate always. Love always wins! 

I'm a recovered love cynic thanks to my amazing husband and best friend you'll see on the left there with me. He gave me hope in love, loyalty and the beauty of marriage by being the best man I have ever known. 

That is why I believe your wedding day is so important and it's deserves a beautiful day to celebrate it. Whether it be a big lavish affair with your family and friends in a different country or hiking to a private waterfall just the two of you, your love deserves to be celebrated however is right for the two of you! 

I would be absolutely thrilled to help you plan and document your very special one of a kind love! I've photographed epic and beautiful love stories in 10 different countries and counting as well as all over the states and can help you as you work through what your wedding dream is and help you say yes to those dreams. Let's start planning a wild and beautiful celebration together! 

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“Bethel is a joy to work with and captured our wedding so well! She makes you feel comfortable from the start and has a keen eye for capturing a couple’s uniqueness and personality. I really can’t say enough great things about her work and how her passion for capturing real moments of love shines through her. If you’re looking for a photographer who really gets you and your partner, Bethel is the one!”

~ Andrea Marrs

“Bethel’s work speaks for itself but what you don’t get to see by clicking through her stunning pictures is the behind the scenes stuff that makes her the best. She is wonderful to work with and made me feel so comfortable (which is really difficult to do in real life let alone in front of a camera). I can tell you honestly from having her do our engagement photos and wedding photos that she captures more than just beautiful art. She truly captured every emotion of our wedding day. Our photos give me all the feels every time I look at them and that is something so special! I can’t recommend her enough! Forever grateful!”

~ Julie Texeira

Please inquire for vow renewal and honeymoon session pricing. 

Vow renewal/Honeymoon

Elopement Collections start at $1700


Wedding Collections start at $3000


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