How To Make Your Elopement Special

It’s 2020 and Elopements are definitely popular. Scrolling through the many facebook groups and instagram post you can start to feel pressure to make your elopement mean something special. But the whole reason for eloping is to take the pressure off and have a day that is more intentional. So I wanted to take the time in this blog post to show you how easy it is to make your elopement special and meaningful.

  1. Get back to the roots of why you want to elope.

Eloping is all about honoring the love between the two of you so block out all the voices from family, social media and friends and just listen to each other. Hear each other, what are the two of you longing to do. No one else’s opinion matters. Not mine, not your best friend Stacy or even your moms. It’s not that they don’t matter or that they aren’t important it is just that when it comes to your elopement/wedding day, the only opinion that matters is the two of you. It’s your marriage and you get to celebrate however you want.

2. Include the people you want.

Eloping doesn’t mean it just have to be the two of you. You can invite 10 of closest friends and family in your life that you couldn’t imagine doing this day without. If you want just the two of you then all means have it be just the two of you but if you want your mom their to officiate or your dad or just the friends who feel like family, do it. It’s your day and you can design it however you want. You make it special the moment you choose to design your day according to what is important to you. The elopement trend started as a liberating thing and now it seems people are trying to throw rules onto that too. There are no rules. You want some people there but still want that intimate and special feel. That’s still an elopement! Do what feels right for the celebration of your love!

3. Go where you want to go.

There are no restrictions. You have a dream of eloping in Italy. Girl, do it! Don’t be so afraid of the process or the money. Everything is workoutable. For real. The amount of couples who come to me and have this dream but think they can’t have it… and then when I show them how I can make that dream possible. The face and screams of gratitude make me the happiest in the world but I want more couples to know that their dreams are possible. You can elope there, you can have the dress of your dreams and you can invite friends to a destination elopement. It’s all possible. Dream big! You want to hike in Iceland for your elopement. You can! It’s just a matter of finding the right resources to help you and I am always here to point you in the right direction.

4. Add in an activity you enjoy doing together.

Whether it’s camping, cooking over a fire, skyjumping, mountain climbing or eating pizza together. Make time to do something you love doing together. Camp under the stars with an open bonfire, bring a picnic and have wine and macarons on top of a mountain, go swimming near the waterfall you just said your vows under. I’ve said it before and I will say it however many times I need to, it’s your day, design it how you want.

5. For couples who already have kids bring them into the process.

There are few things I love as much as when I see a family becoming one. No matter how that family was formed the moment two parents say I do is a beautiful one and your kids love to be involved in that. I cry so hard at moments like this because it is one of the more beautiful things in life. When you look in this little girls eyes you see the purest form of love and joy. Who wouldn’t want that on their wedding day?

In short, design your day without any noise or expectations from anyone else and your day will be the most special and beautiful day anyone has ever seen, because it will be 100% authentically yours.



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