5 Self Care Tips During Wedding Planning

It’s no shock to anyone that wedding planning can be stressful. Seating arrangements, making a budget, trying to decide on decor, the list of responsibilities and decision you have to make is long. It’s way too easy to feel overwhelmed and frazzled. That is why you need a killer self care plan to make sure wedding planning stays fun instead of triggering panic attacks. 🙂 Here are some of my top tips to survive wedding planning by adding in self care.

  1. Don’t Forget Date Night!

Just because there are a lot of decisions you need to make doesn’t mean that every moment you spend together has to be talking about wedding details. Don’t forget to make time to just enjoy each other. Order some pizza and watch some Netflix. Get all dressed up and go out dancing. Go on a hike together and just relax in nature. Whatever it is you love doing together, make time for it. The thousands of decisions and people asking about the plan for the day can wait. There is no huge rush, everything will work out. Breath and make time for laughter and fun.

2. Make Honeymoon Plans!

It’s helpful to give yourself an incentive for all the work you’re putting into your wedding day that you will have a week or more to relax somewhere just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be far away, just make sure to get away. I share cheap flight deals with my couples all the time because often people think a honeymoon has to be so expensive but in reality there are many places you can go that won’t break the bank. Plan a trip and dream together about your time there!

3. Go out with your friends and don’t discuss the wedding at all!

These are the people who have been there for you before you fell in love and will be there long after. Make time to just hang out like you did before the engagement. Have a slumber party, spa day, go hunting, escape room or night out dancing. Do something fun together with your gang. Making nights out like this help you to not feel like wedding planning is taking over your whole life and it reminds your friends that you still care about them and their lives.

4. Make a morning routine where you can check in with yourself.

Even on a day to day basis I still do this because I know it’s important for me to have time to myself where no one expects anything from me. I need that time to ground myself and prepare for the day ahead. This is a helpful routine to get into especially during wedding planning because you will likely be talking to more people than usual and have lots of questions to answer and appointments to work. That can be tiring so make time to refresh and center yourself. I wake up early, before everyone else and get to the gym and then do some reading while I drink tea. Do whatever relaxes you and gets you ready for the day.

5. Keep a journal to document all the big emotions you’re feeling.

This is a very important time in your life! Your emotions will run high and everything will seem to go so fast. If you write everything down it will ensure you can remember exactly how you felt trying dresses out or picking out your flowers or just having a night out with the girls. You will thank yourself when you sit down 10 years later and you can take a peek back into those special days before your wedding.

Just remember to enjoy! No matter what pressure you’re under, it will all work out. You will get married and it will be beautiful. Be gracious to yourself! You’ve never planned a wedding before. No one expects you to be an expert. 🙂 Happy wedding planning!



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