Why Eloping Is Great

Why Eloping Is Great

Why is eloping great? Because marriage is great. Two people finding each other and deciding that forever is the only thing that could satisfy their love. Through hard times and good times choosing to stay to honor that love and cherish what they found in each other. Whether you claim that you love weddings for the free cake or the dancing the real reason we all love going to weddings is because you can feel their love and it gives us all hope, married or not. So why elope?

Why Eloping Is Great 2

Eloping is beautiful because it puts on display the intimacy and beauty of the very roots of marriage. It strips back the whole pretense that goes into weddings, the drinks, the party, the dancing and leaves you only with the love. So for those of us who have had a harder time in believing in love, eloping removes all other distractions and just shows you the love as raw and real as it is. That’s why I love it.

Why Eloping Is Great 3

Any type of celebration of marriage makes my heart soar but eloping I’ve found is for a special kind of couple. The one who fought hard to get where they are and all they want is simply to be married to each other. That is beautiful.

Why Eloping Is Great 4

I’ve said it before but because I always get this question/reservation eloping DOES NOT mean that you can’t have family or friends there. It simply means you remove any obstacle that a traditional wedding puts on you getting married when and how you want to. You plan your day simply and with intention. You don’t need a venue, a DJ, a decor plan or to invite 200 + people if that’s not what you want. All you really need is too people in love and someone to make it legal to get married.

Why Eloping Is Great 5

I am passionate about elopements because I want to make getting married simple and fun again. Social pressure has made it so hard on couples and their families to celebrate what should be so simple. I’m not against big and beautiful parties to celebrate marriage by any means. I’m against the idea that this is the only way to do it. Your love is unique and so should be celebrated in your own way.

Why Eloping Is Great 6

Eloping isn’t just an instagram trend. It’s a beautiful and sacred thing for so many couples who couldn’t imagine celebrating their love any other way then a private and beautiful moment between the two of them or between them and 10 of their truly closest friends. It’s a reminder to slow down and enjoy each other and to enjoy marriage. That is why eloping is great. It reminds us to celebrate the marriage and not just the wedding.

Why Eloping Is Great 7

I hope these words help you in your journey to marrying your person. I truly meant I want to help make getting married simple and fun again so I am starting a group to help couples elope. Help them along the process and get them married. It’s free to join. If you want in simply hit the contact button and send me an email. Love doesn’t need any more complications, let’s simplify this and get you married.



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