What Is An Intimate Wedding?

What Is An Intimate Wedding?

You’ve probably heard this before descriptor before “intimate wedding”, but what does it mean? Is it just describing a small wedding or is there more to it than that? Well we are going to dig into that today on this blog post and see if an intimate wedding is for you.

What Is An Intimate Wedding?

Intimate weddings are some of the most special gatherings I’ve ever been a part of. An intimate wedding is a wedding that throws the rulebook out in favor of a more intentional experience than traditional. It can look different for each couple. Some choose to rent a campground for the weekend with their friends and just enjoy each others company over bonfires after saying I do. While others have a small ceremony a top a mountain with 10 of their best friends. It can really be whatever you want the main thing is creating an atmosphere that allows for true vulnerability and an authentic experience for you and your family.

What Is An Intimate Wedding?

Whether you have your wedding at a venue or in your back yard it doesn’t matter, it’s picking a space that feels right for you. The biggest difference I see at intimate weddings is how much easier it is for couples and their family and friends to express their emotions. The more intimate environment allows for you to be honest with your emotions. There is no stressful schedule or traditions you have to go through the motions with. It’s stripping the day bare of the external stuff and keeping the heart, whatever that means for you.

What Is An Intimate Wedding?

If that means no first dances for you that’s okay, if it means instead traditional toast you just let whoever wants to speak from their heart that’s awesome and if it means no cake cutting or flower tosses heck yes. If it means renting out a campground and chilling all weekend with the people who are most important to you, you should definitely do that. If it means a small getaway with a few choice friends and family somewhere special to you, that’s perfect! For real the options are endless when you stop telling yourself that your wedding day has to follow certain rules.

What Is An Intimate Wedding?

Big and traditional isn’t for everyone. Some of us would rather a small gathering around a table that feels like a family thanksgiving dinner, or 50 great friends and family gathered around a campfire telling stories about the two of you as you laugh and gaze into each others eyes. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate marriage and if that sounds like you I would love to support you in that. I have started a facebook group for couples who want something a little different to help support and encourage each other on the process. Send me an email if this is something you need in your life.



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