COVID-19 & Your Wedding, What Can You Do

COVID-19 & Your Wedding

COVID-19, I know this is on all our minds whether we are more anxious about the disease, or what it’s going to do to our economy or for a lot of spring brides whether they have to cancel their weddings. With all the uncertainty going on I am here to be a calming presence and show you your options. I truly believe that everything is workoutable and there is always a solution we can find. So I’m going to lay out a couple options for all the spring brides out there.

COVID-19 & Your Wedding 2

Option #1 Reschedule Your Wedding

Many vendors are helping their couples reschedule their dates. If you can’t imagine not celebrating your day without over 50 or more guests this is definitely the option for you but I highly recommend reaching out to your vendors now. I am opening up all my Fridays and Sundays for all the spring couples who need to move their date. Most of the vendors I am in contact with are all more than willing to work on this without a fee but just make sure you reach out soon!

COVID-19 & Your Wedding 3

Option #2 Change Your Wedding Into A Micro Wedding

The second option is one I think is a truly wonderful solution! Cut down the guest list to 20-50 guests. You can live stream in the rest of the guests in or plan a big reception for later on. There are several amazing venues for Micro Weddings like Chippy White Table, Promise Ridge, The Pump House and many more. COVID-19 shouldn’t stop you from getting married or celebrating your love. In fact Willow Planning & Chippy White table and I have come along side each other to offer a special deal for Micro Weddings so you can still have a beautifully planned wedding now instead of waiting. Don’t hesitate to reach out as we have limited spots. But for any couple who doesn’t want to wait and get married this spring I am offering a massively discounted deal of $1000 for 5 hours for your Micro Wedding. I am here for you. I will make sure you have the day of your dreams.

COVID-19 & Your Wedding 4

Option #3 Elope!

The third option is also a great option. Elope now and plan a big reception after all of this has calmed down. As a professional elopement photographer I know hundreds of beautiful locations to elope this spring and I am offering a discount for spring elopements as well. Anything I can do to help couples go from stressed out and scared to married and happy I am willing to do it for you guys. Eloping is an absolutely beautiful way to celebrate love. I’ve planned many unique and special days for my elopement couples. We can go hiking, kayaking, waterfall chasing, eat pizza and donuts, the list is endless and the possibilities are as big as your imagination.

No matter what you decide to do I want you to know you have options and someone in your corner. So if you need someone to talk all these options over with don’t hesitate to reach out. My inbox is open to you and you can even text me if that is easier for you. The number is 570-665-1473

This will all pass and absolutely nothing can take away from how special your love story is. I 100% believe that and will help make sure your day reflects how special your love is.



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