Cartlandia Engagement Session




Lauren and Kevin’s Cartlandia Engagement Session was SO much fun! Not only was it the only time I didn’t get rained on for a session that week but their ability to have fun with each other just made this whole session so enjoyable. This may have been the rainiest spring and summer I ever remember having but it has not lacked from love and that has brightened things up considerably.

I so enjoyed exploring Portland with these two, I definitely need to go back because I did not get enough time to try all the yummy food. If you’ve never been to Portland’s Cartlandia it’s this amazing food truck haven. It’s as cute as it is yummy and everyone there is the kindest and most inspiring creators of yummy food. They let Lauren and Kevin cuddle up next to their food trucks without a hesitation. Meeting kind souls is always inspiring in a world where we are taught to only care for ourselves.

Lauren and Kevin were so obviously head over heals for each other and that’s always my favorite thing to watch when a couple is so in love that they forget everything else around them. I’m so happy I had the chance to meet them and capture their sweet love. Now feel free to scroll through and witness their adorable love. 🙂







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