A Hidden Valley Animal Adventure Wedding ~ Kacey and Nolan



Kacey and Nolan’s Hidden Valley Animal Adventure wedding was absolutely one of my favorite memories from July and I went to Mexico in July so that should put it in to perspective just how amazing this day was. From the sweet emotions from family and friends, getting to connect with a very friendly zebra, and Kacey and Nolan’s tender love for each other, this day left me in awe. I’m always so thankful to tell each and every love story and this day was no exception! Love is meant to be celebrated and although we all celebrate it in different ways across the world the feeling is always the same. That’s why I truly love being a part of so many different celebrations. Different countries, different traditions etc because no matter how different it is when true love is celebrated it’s always the same.

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is a charming venue full of life and I’m so happy Kacey and Nolan chose it for their wedding day. The lodge has a very homey yet regal feeling and being surrounded by so many lovely animals made the experience quite a treats. Kacey, Nolan and I all got to visit with a very friendly zebra that had a special fondness for Nolan. We gave him quite a few butt rubs since they seemed to be his favorite, the zebra, not Nolan lol.

Throughout the day there so many sweet words shared from family and friends and there was a LOT of laughter. You could tell that this was a collection of the people who really meant the most to them in this world. It’s always such an honor to capture those precious memories. I fall in love with my job all over again at every wedding. What a blessing this job is, getting to witness new love every weekend and meeting couples who inspire me. Thank you Kacey and Nolan for asking me to document your unique and beautiful day! Enjoy scrolling through everyone! 🙂







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