Intimate Wedding At Willow Tree Grove



Matt and Diane’s intimate wedding at willow tree grove just made my heart sing, and if you feel like I say this about all my couple’s weddings, you are probably right. I only take on 25 weddings a year for a reason and that’s so I can be selective and choose to work with the couples who I really feel a connection to. It’s only August and already this year has been filled with such amazing couples and such special celebrations. Matt and Diane’s wedding was no exception, it was full of real, beautiful, heartfelt emotion, and so so SO much love. The love they had for each other was so apparent but I was also blown away at their families love for them and theirs for their family. That’s one of my absolute favorite things about weddings is seeing the connection between their families and ones they hold most dear. Those memories timeless and should be cherished always.

Matt first met Diane while he was out at eating and decided to hit on the prettiest waitress he ever laid his eyes on (can we pause for a moment to talk about what a gorgeous bride Diane was?! I mean seriously unreal! Perfection!), it worked and now here they are as husband and wife. (Don’t you just love hearing stories about how couples met and fall in love? I do!) Their love and respect for each other was so alive and vibrant. Diane lovingly wiped tears from his eyes during their ceremony and I think everyone in the audience was emotionally wrecked after that, in a good way. As the day continued the love, joy and tears never stopped. From the ceremony, the first dances all the way to the toasts the love kept on pouring out.

I’m so humbled and blessed I was asked to document this beautiful day! Thank you Matt and Diane for trusting me to document you love and preserve your memories! Congratulations and have the best first year of marriage! As 2019 weddings are filling up my calendar I can’t help but feel so thankful and excited to meet more couples like Matt and Diane, hear more loves stories and document more love. Get in touch today if you’re planning a wedding in 2019! I want to meet you and hear all about your story.







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