An Intimate and Romantic Winter Engagement ~ Krystal and Jake


Krystal and Jake seriously make you swoon with how unapologetically intimate and romantic they are with each other. I gave them hardly any direction, I just sat back and enjoyed capturing their genuine love for each other. Jake dotes on Krystal the way any girl would dream of and Krystal adores her man in the way all men hope for but would never dare admit. Their relationship is truly sweet to witness and I’m so honored I got to capture it on camera.

We explored Jake’s parent’s gorgeous property where Jake proposed and I totally wanted to move in, it was so beautiful there! Krystal was such a champ hiking around in the snow in a dress with no leggings! And they both were gracious and didn’t laugh at me when I fell and landed right on my butt, twice! Which I give them props for because I know for a fact that I looked completely ridiculous! It was one of those epic falls where you legs come all the way out from under you into the air and the you land directly on you back. In the manner of minutes I did it twice. I think someone needs better hiking/snow boots.

These two got married last weekend in Florida but I’m only now posting their engagement session. Fail, Bethel, fail. But here are all my favorites from their cuddly, romantic, dreamy engagement session. I hope you enjoy! Many joyful years of marriage to you Krystal and Jake!

P.S. I also just have to mention how phenomenal both Krystal and Jake’s hair is! I mean come on, they are just stunning!






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