Caroline & Conor ~ A Winter Wonderland Engagement Session


Caroline and Conor were convince that they were “awkward” but the second I got them in front of my camera I knew that wasn’t true, in fact they are one of the most adorable couples I’ve ever worked with! They couldn’t stop smiling and giggling and it was so sweet! I had the most fun with these two and I’m sure anyone would have a hard time not smiling being around them. It was so obvious they adored each other because every time I asked them to just look at each other they broke into laughter and smiles.

We had the perfect winter wonderland scenery for their engagement session. We waited quite awhile for it to snow and the moment it did I messaged Caroline that moment to make sure we schedule their session for the next day so we had snow for them. Good thing we jumped at the chance because the snow was gone the next morning. Oh good old Pennsylvania and it’s bipolar weather. Hahaha it never fails, every year we have completely different and crazy weather.

I’m so glad we got to capture their winter wonderland romance and I cannot wait for their wedding this summer! I can already tell it will be such a special day, full of love and a lot of joy! I adore these two and I’m sure you all will fall in love as you scroll through their images.  Their love and joy are totally contagious so if you’re having a rough morning these two are guaranteed to cheer you up. Enjoy some moments from their lovely engagement session and try not to faint due to swooning over these guys. 😉






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