The Baechtle Family ~ Rock Mountain Bible Camp


I love working with families because each one is so different and each family has it’s own special way of connecting with each other. It’s always such an honor to get a glimpse of that. The Baechtle family was so much fun to photograph and I hope I don’t embarrass them to say so but so adorable. Their session was full of genuine laughter and smiles and even though it was pretty cold we all had fun.

One of my favorite things to do at a family session is ask mom and dad to kiss and it always results in a ton of laughter and silliness, no matter if the kids are in kindergarten or adults it always makes them laugh. And then later I take them away from the rest of the family and let them get some just couple pictures and it’s always sweet to see them stop being mom and dad for a second and just be into each other.

I’ll always leave time for family sessions no matter how booked my wedding season gets because they will always have a special place in my heart. Everyone one in this family session are just totally awesome people and I’m glad I had the opportunity to hang out with them for a bit. I adored their family session and I hope you all enjoy scrolling through some of my favorites!






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