A Rainy & Romantic Proposal ~ Zack and Ruth



Hold on to your seats guys because this rainy and romantic proposal is to die for! I can’t even tell you guys how much I love proposals! It’s one of the first things I ask my couples when we sit down together at their pre wedding consultations, “What is your proposal story?” There is just something so magical about that moment in time where you ask the love of your life to be yours till the end of your days and I truly believe that proposal stories say so much about the couple. I LOVE it when I’m invited along to capture that magical moment, so when my future brother in law asked me to photograph his proposal to my sister I was elated!!

So we made plans to have a photoshoot and of course the day we scheduled it for was pouring rain. Zack and I were determined but Ruth was utterly confused as to why we were hiking up a mountain in the torrential downpour just for a random photoshoot. And I am definitely not exaggerating at all when I say it was a torrential downpour, it was intense. But this was the day that Zack needed to ask Ruth to be his wife and it turned out to be absolutely 100% PERFECT! They could not have asked for a more perfect moment.

We got to the top and after a couple of normal pictures I had Ruth turn her back and Zack got down on one knee and sweetly professed his love to my sister who was crying with joy. He barely got the whole question out before she tackled him with a kiss. It was beautiful. We were all soaked but thoroughly happy. The rain falling down on them felt to me to further demonstrate the rush of emotions and love as it aggressively poured down from the sky. *Full warning I’m about to go full cheese over here but….* it was as if they were being drenched up in their love for each other. ….. I know, I know, I did warn you it would be cheesy but it’s true! It was a seriously beautiful moment.

I could not be more happy for these two and I could think of no better man for my sister and I have some very high standards, but Zack loves my sister as well as I could have ever wished for her. They are both so good for each other and I can’t wait to see them enter into the wonderful and beautiful journey of marriage together….. and I have to stop now because I’m too emotional and could go on forever. But hopefully you’ll forgive me for my ramblings, after all, it’s my sister we’re talking about.

Please scroll through and fall in love with this beautiful moment as I did and men keep this in mind before you pop the question to your girl, having a photographer there is always worth it!






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