An Intimate Montrose PA Wedding



This gorgeous Montrose wedding on a very warm October Saturday was absolutely perfection. Alan and Andrea are one of the sweetest couples and definitely up on my list of couples who are completely smitten with each other. Alan’s love and devotion to Andrea just melts your heart and you can still see the butterflies in Andrea’s eyes as she looks at Alan. Their emotional first look just slayed my heart and to top it off Alan went above and beyond and had a gift for Andrea. There wasn’t a dry eye between us.

I wish I could just share their entire wedding album with you guys because literally every moment from their day was filled with so much emotion. Their vows, first look and I especially loved the dance she did with her sisters and brother and when her parents join at the end…. I lost it… for about the 10th time that day. It’s seriously the greatest honor to be trusted with some many love stories, family memories, and cherished moments. I will never get over it.

Along with all tears there was also a lot of fun! As you will see when scrolling through, the bridal party was a riot. We had a lot of laughs together. I have a hard time picking my favorite parts about a wedding day because I love all of it. The anticipation while getting ready to say I do to your best friend, seeing each other for the first time, vowing your love to each other, and the great celebration after you’re officially wed. All of it, all those moments and memories are what make the day so special. That and sharing it with the people you love the most and have been with you through it all. No matter what kind of wedding you chose to have, there are few things as memorable as the day you marry the love of your life.

Well thank you for listening to my speil, hahaha. I apologize, I just love what I do and the couples I get to meet and become friends with. I hope you enjoy looking through the highlights of Alan and Andrea’s wedding day. Enjoy!






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