Travel Log ~ Hawaii



In October I traveled with one of my 2017 couples to Hawaii to photograph their honeymoon. I only got to be there for 2 1/2 days unfortunately and between the honeymoon session and other adventure sessions I booked I only had about 3 hours to hike around and explore for myself but every second of those 3 hours was breathtaking. I hope to have many other opportunities to explore this beautiful state with madly in love couples. I’ll be sharing the adventure sessions soon on the blog but for now I wanted to show you some of the beauty of Hawaii’s landscape.

I was able to hike up to Manoa Falls and go on a tour of Kualoa Ranch and holy crap Hawaii is INSANELY gorgeous! Everywhere you go is really like walking in paradise. I know that for most people Hawaii’s beaches are what draws them to Hawaii but for me it’s all about their other worldy mountains. I seriously couldn’t get enough! I was super stoked to explore Kualoa Ranch as the big film nerd that I am! For those who don’t know Kualoa Ranch is the place where Jurassic Park, Lost and many other films were filmed and it’s no mystery why. Parts of Jurassic Park were filmed at Manoa Falls as well. I was pretty much geeking out the whole time.

It was nice to take some time just for me to hike around and explore even though it wasn’t work related. I’ve definitely worked so much this year, hiking with my couples which is AMAZING and I love every second of it but I forgot to take time to go hike and explore just for the fun of it. One of my many New Years Resolutions is to make more time to hike just for fun. But I have to admit that even when I take time off for just me I still find couples and offer to photograph them. Hahaha yeah, when I was exploring Kualoa Ranch I saw a couple struggling to get some selfies of themselves next to the gorgeous landscapes so I offered to take their pictures with my camera and sent them some edited pictures. I kinda don’t know how to stop working, but that’s only because I am so passionate about it and truly love what I do.

Driving in Hawaii is pretty awesome, I mean I wouldn’t mind that view on my way to work everyday. Just saying. The atmosphere is amazing and the people are so kind. The limited time I spent in Hawaii was enough to get me hooked and I will definitely be making another trip to this beautiful place. The rest of my trip in Hawaii I was happily following couples and one gorgeous model around Hawaii’s beaches, caves and waterfalls. I can’t wait to share all of that with you guys but for now enjoy the majestic beauty of Hawaii!









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