An Adventure Session In The Appalachian Mountains



I hope you all had a wonderful and merry Christmas! I’m fighting off a cold this morning but I’m thankful I wasn’t sick for Christmas at least. Christmas is so much more special with kids, it truly is magical. I hope you all had such a rich and refreshing time with your family. Tim and I both took time off this week and it’s been a nice refresher but I’m trying to get back to it this morning with this gorgeous adventure session on the Appalachian Trail.

Adam and Danielle are one of the sweetest couples. Danielle is a fun loving spirit with a tendency to be a bit forgetful and Adam is ever so patient with her. You can tell how in love with each other they are and that’s always my favorite to see. They are one of my 2018 couples and I just cannot wait for their wedding day.

We planned on a hike for this session but were surprised when there was some actual rock climbing involved but Adam and Danielle were total champs about it! We got to the perfect spot right as the sun was setting and their love and the gorgeous surroundings made for an absolutely gorgeous session. I couldn’t of been more thrilled about Danielle’s vibrant red dress. I wish more women would wear red to their engagement sessions!

The mountains are definitely my happy place and I love when couples are up for a hike and an adventure! I hope you all enjoy this adventure session and this sweet couple! What would you like to see next? Would you like me to blog a wedding next or travel log from my trip to Hawaii? Let me know in the comments!






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