A Heartfelt Proposal ~ David and Joanna



Life is full of special moments that you will never forget, the moment you propose to the love of your life is one of them. Getting to document this amazing moment for my brother is one of mine. I’ll never forget his sweet words to my future sister in law Joanna, the tears of joy from them both and their loving embrace. I have a big old smile on my face right now just thinking back on it. It’s a powerful moment when you say yes to forever with your best friend. It’s a day that you will look back on over the years as your home fills with children and the wrinkles start to form on your face looking at each other and remembering that fond moment that this beautiful journey began.

My brother David took Joanna back to the spot where he asked her to be his girlfriend which was so sweet! I was hiding in the bushes with my face practically in the dirt to make sure Joanna wouldn’t see me. I got there an hour before they did so I won’t lie hiding in those bushes with all the sounds of creatures moving around definitely amped up the anticipation. I had gone over with my brother where exactly to stand but was anxious he might forget but thankfully he didn’t because I would have missed everything if he did. He got down on one knee and expressed his love for Joanna. I was snapping away sure that because of how close I was that Joanna knew I was there but it wasn’t till I stood up that she was like “Oh!” So David and I were able to pull off the perfect surprise for her!

The first time David brought Joanna home to meet us I knew she was the one for my little brother. She is just the sweetest girl and fits in perfect with the Wyman family, a love for Lord of the Rings which is essential, a good sense of humor and a love and care for people.

David and Joanna enjoy music and the theater, Joanna is a talented actress and they both have amazing voices. But the biggest thing about these two is their heart for serving people. They are very passionate about serving and loving people. It’s a passion that connects them deeply and makes them the perfect partner for each other. I’m so excited to see all that God will do in their life and all that they will do. I expect only amazing things from this marriage.

My brother was raised by all women but yet has turned into such a wonderful man. He went through great struggles at such a young age and has overcame it without holding on to bitterness but becoming instead a sweet and caring man. I cannot express how proud I am of him and I’m so SO happy that my baby brother has found such a loving, sweet and caring women to call his wife. It makes my heart so happy to see his life full of so much love and joy.

I will make myself stop now because I am so emotional about this one that I could go on forever about them but I will just let you scroll through and see this beautiful, heartfelt proposal.






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