An Enchanting Woodland Wedding ~ Chris and Hannah


Chris and Hannah’s woodland wedding was such an enchanting experience. It was an intimate wedding with their family and friends at the beautiful Ukrainian Homestead of ODWU. One of my favorite parts about a wedding day is the emotions you feel from the couple’s friends and family. There were many happy tears shed on this day and tons of laughter.

Hannah was an absolutely gorgeous bride and Chris is such a sweet and doting groom. Their love for each other was so evident and their unified love for all their friends and family was such a beautiful things to witness. They are genuinely some of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. They went to every single table to greet there guest with hugs during dinner before they sat down and ate their own food. To me that’s a big testament to how much you love someone. If I’m postponing food for you, it’s a big deal. Haha. But seriously that just speaks to how sweet Hannah and Chris truly are.

From the gorgeous forest setting, their choice of florals and all their perfect decorations, this was the perfect woodland wedding. It took me longer than I wanted to share this beautiful day with you as this was one of my May weddings but I’m happy to finally have the chance to share it with you. I hope you enjoy as I a lot more weddings to blog and share with you and pretty much all of them are gorgeous outdoor affairs.








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