An Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session ~ Alan and Andrea



I had such a lovely time with Alan and Andrea in Old Town Alexandria for their engagement session! What a charming place and with these two it was full of romance and adorableness. It drizzled throughout their entire session but they were total champs and we braved the rain. Even with the rain it was still one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been too. Full of beauty and rich history Alexandria should be on everyone’s list of places that you must visit. All the little shops, the charming architecture and sweet people makes it a relaxing and wonderful place to stay. My stay there really felt like stepping on to the set of You’ve Got Mail, it was truly that charming.

Alan and Andrea are so adorable! All it takes is one visit with them to tell they still give each other butterflies and are each other’s biggest fans. That’s the kind of genuine love I adore to witness and capture. I have known Andrea since high school and it makes me so happy to see her with such a sweet and caring man. He seriously dotes on her and she is definitely his biggest supporter and best friend. I get giddy thinking of their wedding day that is quickly approaching! It will truly be a special day!

Thank you for inviting me to the place that captured both of your hearts and the place you met and fell in love! Such a wonderful experience! Also special thanks to Andrea for helping me jumpstart my car after I left my lights on in the middle of D.C. Hahaha what an adventure! Enjoy some of my favorites from my time with Andrea and Alan and stay tuned for their wedding this October!








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