David and Joanna’s Adventure Session



Snowy adventures with a couples in love are my favorite! When it snows more than it has in the past two years you have to grab a cute couple and go backpacking in the snow. I’ll admit that i’m tired of the snow and just want spring to finally get here but these two make winter look charming! I may be just a little biased as this is my brother and his girlfriend but I’m pretty sure everyone will agree with me that they are too adorable to handle. And if you think David and Joanna are just attractive in front of the camera, think again. They are the cutest couple, fellow nerds, a shared love for adventure and exploring, and they are lovingly dedicated to caring for each other.

Take a look at Joanna’s backpack where she has inscribed both J.R. Tolkien’s Elvish script and Hebrew. (Isn’t it absolutely amazing!!) We’ve always told my brother you better find a woman who loves Lord of the Rings and as it turns out, he did. We’re all totally in love with her and she fits right in to our crazy family. I cannot wait for the day where my brother ask her to marry him! That will be one of the best days ever!

Adventurous couples are some of my favorite to work with and even though we walked away from this session soaked, we had a ton of fun! I’m looking forward to all the adventures and love I get to document this year. 2017 is truly going to be an exciting year! Traveling to Ireland to document a couples honeymoon, a trip to New Orleans with one of my couples for 2018 for their engagement session, my first live birth session, and so much more! Be sure to follow along on the journey. I’m so blessed to be able to be a part of telling your stories!







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