A Fun, Quirky, & Intimate In-Home Couple Session ~ Salina & Kyle



I could not be more excited to share Salina and Kyle’s In-Home Couple session! This married couple and their cat were SO much fun! I just adore couples like this who are just unapologetically their unique selves, it’s awesome. We literally just hung out and I capture all the awesome moments. They made nachos, jumped on the bed, had a pillow fight, Kyle serenaded Salina, and Salina “accidentally” kicked him in the jaw (hahaha just kidding it was really and accident). We laughed a lot and I could just feel the friendship and love that was there. Those are the best kind of marriages, full of friendship and laughter. It always warms my heart to see.

I loved getting to know these two, see their everyday home life and watch them love each other. They both adore books, we went into the bedroom to get some pictures of them reading, when it was time to move on I actually had to stop them and they both moaned cause they had just got to any interesting part in their book. Total nerds and I love it cause I am too! They love music and food and just goofing off with each other. Just the kind of people I like to hang around. I am so thankful my job puts me in touch with awesome couples like this!

I had such a blast with these guys and now In-Home Couple Session are like my new favorite thing, so please, reach out and let’s hang out! You bring the awesome and I’ll bring my camera, it will be a rad time. In the mean time enjoy some of my favorite images from Salina and Kyle’s session!







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