An Emotional Backyard Wedding


When I think about this lovely wedding what really sticks with me is becoming a family. My absolute favorite moment from Sharon and Bob’s wedding is after the ceremony when Sharon and her sons embrace each other and Bob as a new family. Words can’t describe the beauty of that moment. Family is a beautiful, important thing that when found should be cherished.

True love is a beautiful thing no matter when you find it. When watching Sharon and Bob you could tell how dear they were to one another. The whole day was full of sweet moments and I found myself smiling all the time. I could just feel their love for each other and the love and happiness of their friends and family for them. That’s probably my favorite thing at weddings to see, the relationships and how each life affects so many.

Sharon and Bob opted for an intimate backyard wedding which definitely suited them. There was a bonfire, s’mores and singing around the campfire. What better way to celebrate with friends? Children ran around giggling with the dogs joining in the fun while adults huddled by the fire sharing stories and memories. It was a lovely day and I was happy to be there to capture it all. Now go ahead and scroll through to see this emotional backyard wedding! Enjoy!




An Intimate Woodland Wedding


I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this heartfelt and intimate wedding with you! Katy and Luke has such a beautiful vision for their day. When we discussed their day they said they really just wanted an intimate time in the woods with family and friends and the rest didn’t matter and their day was exactly that, a beautiful intimate woodland wedding.

Their decor had the perfect laid back bohemian vibe. Katy’s dress was one of my absolute favorites from this wedding season, it was the PERFECT dress for a woodland wedding and I’m still in awe of all the lace details. The reception was like a family picnic, with picnic games and yummy picnic food and lots of children running around laughing. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of!

Katy and Luke couldn’t be any sweeter or selfless. They cared much more about their family and friends then they gave any thought to themselves. I loved being able to sneak off with them for their portraits so I could capture their sweet love for each other and to put them into the spotlight for just a little.

Couples like Katy and Luke really inspire me and are exactly the kind of people I LOVE to work with! In love with each other, adoration for nature and a love for the family and friends who have been there for them throughout their life. I’m sure I could go on and on about this heartfelt day but I will just let you scroll through and enjoy the beauty of their day.




A Hayfield House Penn State Wedding ~ Caroline and Conor


I photographed this gorgeous day the day after flying back from a two week trip to Ireland. Normally I might have cleared my schedule for the week after a big trip like that but for Caroline and Conor I didn’t even think twice about making an exception. The day after she was engaged Caroline had her mother call me to make sure they booked me first. The rest of the wedding planning could wait till her next visit home from college but she said even before she started dating Conor she had dreamed of having me as her wedding photographer. I mean, how can you say now to such a sweet compliment like that?

I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me every time I hear how passionate my couples are about me, it makes me all the more passionate about them and what I do. I’ll never forget what an incredible honor it is! You all make what I do so overwhelmingly rewarding, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I was truly honored to be Caroline and Conor’s photographer, what an amazing couple! One of the biggest words I would use to describe them is FUN! Haha, but also sweet and inspiring. I loved every second of their wedding day. There was so much beautiful emotion and pure joy. Caroline’s getting ready space is one of my favorites to date, Hayfield House is a gorgeous location. And their reception….. Oh my heart was it so much fun! I swear they had the best DJ I’ve ever worked with and literally everyone danced. I love receptions full of joy, fun and laughter and this was one of them. Overall I can’t say enough good things about Conor and Caroline or their beautiful day, so I’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking.




An Intimate Yosemite Wedding


If I could choose one wedding from this year that perfectly shows why I love intimate weddings so much, it would be this one, because I love weddings with a lot of heart. Amanda and Nicolas’s day was so full of love and overwhelming emotions. When Amanda reached out to me it was only about a month away from her wedding date and she explained that she had pretty much forgotten to do a lot of the wedding planning after the loss of her grandfather. She expressed how heartbroken she was to not have him there and what a wonderful man he was, he had been like a father to her.

After talking with her over the phone and hearing more of her love story with Nicolas and her sweet grieving heart I knew I wanted to document her beautiful day. So I hopped on a plane to Fresno California. Their wedding day although mingled with grief over their loss of an irreplaceable family member was still full of joy. The hard times in life have a way of bring loved ones closer together and teaches us to cling to joy all the more. It was clear how much everyone there loved Nicolas and Amanda and wished them all the happiness in the world. I teared up many times during their day as loved ones talked of their love for them, most especially when her grandmother got up and gave a toast.

Intimate weddings like this one allow you to be vulnerable with the ones you love the most and truly celebrate with the people who will always mean the most to you. For this beautiful family it was exactly what they needed and it honestly couldn’t have been more beautiful. They said their vows in a field right outside of Yosemite National Park where nature seemed to show off just for them. I can’t express to in words how touching and beautiful this day but I feel their pictures show what words cannot. Congratulations Nicolas and Amanda! I wish you and your family so much joy and happiness!







Corcomroe Abbey and Cliffs of Moher Couple Session


I am certainly missing Ireland this morning and so I am sharing some more of the beauty I witnessed in my travels there. I’m slowly getting all my Ireland adventures blogged in between all my other travels. This adventure session with Blake and Kelsi was gorgeous! Their adorable love and the stunning beauty of Ireland was a beautiful pairing.

My dear friend Jessica from Jessica Manns Photography had been in Ireland a couple months before me and told me I just had to visit Corcomroe Abbey and I’m so glad she did! Corcomroa Abbey has a beautiful and historical feel to it. I had met up with some photography friends at this point and they piled in my car to head to the Abbey. It’s set next to some gorgeous rocky mountains and rolling hills and fields and we all had a blast exploring and photographing Blake and Kelsi’s sweet relationship.

The day we visited the Abbey it was so sunny and warm. We were all surprised as we were expecting more of Ireland’s famous rainy weather but we got beautiful sunlight instead. But the day we visited the Cliffs of Moher was a bit more of the weather you would expect from Ireland. I was a huge fan of both climates, both the sweet sunshine at Corcomroe Abbey and the gorgeous moody clouds at the Cliffs of Moher.

Ireland is the perfect place to travel with your loved ones and most especially your significant other. You lose all track of time in Ireland because the Irish are never in a big rush like we are as Americans. You can totally lose yourself there just enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the culture. The people who live there are some of the absolute best! Everyone was so kind and genuinely hilarious! I could go one for hours but I won’t. I hope this encourages you to plan a trip to Ireland someday! It truly should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Here are some of my favorites from my time with Kelsi and Blake in Ireland. I hope you enjoy scrolling through and don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to schedule your own adventure session. Let’s go explore together!





Adventure Session in Jean Lafitte National Park


This stunning adventure session in New Orleans at Jean Lafitte National Park was one of my favorite parts of this summer. Megan and Evan are one of my 2018 couples and for their engagement session they wanted to explore New Orleans with me. We braved the swamps at Jean Lafitte National Park with all of its alligators and we were glad we did. As every National Park I’ve been too, Jean Lafitte was full of gorgeous sites and beauty.

Things started off a little rough as I got totally lost, never trust Google Maps! Hahaha. It took me to an abandoned construction site instead of the national park. But once we finally got to the right place we had such an amazing time. Evan and Megan are such a fun couple! I’m sure you’ll see that just from their photos, they are a ton of fun to hang out with. We adventured around the city for a day too, ate at some awesome restaurants, walked around French Quarter.

New Orleans is like their second home and I can definitely see why they love it so much. It’s a city full of music, art, history and great beauty. I love walking through a city and live music is just everywhere. A marching band walked right past us playing amazing music and almost every street had someone performing. I fell in love and can’t wait for my next adventure in New Orleans!

The love of Megan and Evan was the only thing more enchanting than New Orleans so it was a beautiful pairing. I just can’t wait for their wedding next year! I know it will be a day full of love and a lot of laughter because that’s just how they are. I love couples who are just unashamedly themselves. You are never to old to be a goofball with your best friend!

Enjoy some of my favorite moments from this rad couple’s adventure session! And don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to plan your own adventure session! I have dates available for Hawaii this couples sessions this October. Shoot me an email for more details! I would love to meet some more adventurous couples while I’m there!





A Dublin Honeymoon Session


This timeless and romantic honeymoon session in Dublin makes my heart sing. Not only was this city beautiful and full of rich history but Elizabeth and Kenny were the absolute sweetest, their love was so special! I mean just look at the way they look at each other! I couldn’t handle how adorable their lovestruck gaze was. They were so giddy in love with each other and it was written all over their faces. This is why I love honeymoon sessions! That all consuming joy is still fresh and awe inspiring. What better way to preserve those emotions and memories than to have your beautiful love captured in a beautiful place. To remember where you started, to look back on that honeymoon phase with warm affection as the years pass. It’s so incredibly beautiful.

I’m excited to be headed to Hawaii next for another amazing honeymoon session with one of my couples. It’s so exciting to document such intimate and special memories for couples in such beautiful places! So as I eagerly await my trip to Hawaii I wanted to look back and share this amazing honeymoon session in Ireland with you all! There was something so timelessly romantic about this session that I couldn’t get over. I’m immediately taken back to this wonderful place every time I look at these images.

I picked up Elizabeth and Kenny up at their hotel almost immediately after I got off my flight and they showed me around the marvelous city of Dublin. It was my first time driving in Europe and I was nervous but I did it! They had already been in Dublin for quite awhile so they had it all down and made sure I didn’t get lost. We explored the streets and the gorgeous parks. I’m sitting here wishing I could go back right now and do it all again. What an amazing time! I could go on all day about this city and this adorable couple but I will just let the pictures do the rest of the talking.





A Sweet Woodland Elopement ~ Jeremy and Erin


Jeremy and Erin’s intimate woodland elopement at Little Rocky Glen was such an honor to witness. I always love witnessing love and the start of a marriage. You can tell by the giddy smiles on their faces how very excited they were to be married to each other. That’s the kind of affection I adore to capture. They chose to elope with just their immediate family there to witness.

We found them the perfect spot and that’s just about all the planning that went into it. All that was important to them was that they wanted to be married to each other, every thing else was just details. I just adore that attitude! Truly all they needed was each other. Isn’t that the most romantic and sweet thing! They simply wanted each other. I can’t think of a better way to enter into your wedding day.

After their beautiful ceremony preformed by Glen Minister of the Trees, we hiked around Little Rocky Glen and had a ton of fun! Barefoot hiking adventures are my favorite! And after that we went back to their home and they snuggled with their cats which are an important part of their family. I love couples who love their fur babies and want them to be a part of their special day. Their fur babies weren’t so found of being photographed but we managed to get some before they leaped out of their arms to hide.

I adore being a part of Jeremy and Erin’s elopement, they are such a generous and awesome couple. It’s so evident that Jeremy dotes on Erin like she is a princess, to which she would say, “Well I am.” hahaha but they are truly perfect for each other and I am still in awe of their beautiful day and love!





Ballerina Bridal ~ Washington D.C.


I’m still plugging away at blogging sessions from back in April. I hope to get more than one blog in this week to try and catch up a little on a the amazing sessions and weddings from this spring and summer. But to start with for this week here is an amazing Ballerina Bridal I photographed while I was in D.C.

Danielle of Riley Weddings and Events contacted me about this beautiful styled shoot. I was so happy I was able to fit it in while I was in  Alexandria for an awesome Engagement Session with one of my 2017 brides. A ballerina bridal was something I had been wanting to photograph for a while. The venue had the perfect warm golden hues that I just fell in love with! It was the perfect way to finish my trip. It was a timelessly beautiful bridal session with the perfect of amount of elegance and grace.

So many talented vendors came together to make this beautiful day possible. Riley Wedding and Events put all of this together and she did such a beautiful job! Ajax was a beautiful new venue that allowed us to use their space; Greenworks Florist provided all the beautiful flowers and greenery, Estylo Jewelry provided the lovely jewelry as well as Trumpet & Horn, Amie Decker Beauty did a fabulous job on hair and make up, Couture by Posh Bridal let us use one of their gorgeous wedding gowns, Buttercream Bakeshop made the delicious and pretty macrons, Fluffness provided the pretty cotton candy, Bella Villa Shop provided the vintage rentals, and Janie from the Artful Wander modeled for us. It was truly a lovely collaboration to be a part of in the beautiful city of D.C. I hope I run in to all of these lovely vendors again!

And for any brides wondering if an extra bridal session is something you would want, I hope while you’re scrolling through this bridal session you find your answer. I believe a bridal session or bridal boudoir is a wonderful way to preserve the memories of this exciting time in your life of being a bride. It is something you husband will definitely cherish and I think all women who have a bridal session done learn to appreciate their own beauty more.