Cartlandia Engagement Session



Lauren and Kevin’s Cartlandia Engagement Session was SO much fun! Not only was it the only time I didn’t get rained on for a session that week but their ability to have fun with each other just made this whole session so enjoyable. This may have been the rainiest spring and summer I ever remember having but it has not lacked from love and that has brightened things up considerably.

I so enjoyed exploring Portland with these two, I definitely need to go back because I did not get enough time to try all the yummy food. If you’ve never been to Portland’s Cartlandia it’s this amazing food truck haven. It’s as cute as it is yummy and everyone there is the kindest and most inspiring creators of yummy food. They let Lauren and Kevin cuddle up next to their food trucks without a hesitation. Meeting kind souls is always inspiring in a world where we are taught to only care for ourselves.

Lauren and Kevin were so obviously head over heals for each other and that’s always my favorite thing to watch when a couple is so in love that they forget everything else around them. I’m so happy I had the chance to meet them and capture their sweet love. Now feel free to scroll through and witness their adorable love. 🙂





Intimate Wedding At Willow Tree Grove


Matt and Diane’s intimate wedding at willow tree grove just made my heart sing, and if you feel like I say this about all my couple’s weddings, you are probably right. I only take on 25 weddings a year for a reason and that’s so I can be selective and choose to work with the couples who I really feel a connection to. It’s only August and already this year has been filled with such amazing couples and such special celebrations. Matt and Diane’s wedding was no exception, it was full of real, beautiful, heartfelt emotion, and so so SO much love. The love they had for each other was so apparent but I was also blown away at their families love for them and theirs for their family. That’s one of my absolute favorite things about weddings is seeing the connection between their families and ones they hold most dear. Those memories timeless and should be cherished always.

Matt first met Diane while he was out at eating and decided to hit on the prettiest waitress he ever laid his eyes on (can we pause for a moment to talk about what a gorgeous bride Diane was?! I mean seriously unreal! Perfection!), it worked and now here they are as husband and wife. (Don’t you just love hearing stories about how couples met and fall in love? I do!) Their love and respect for each other was so alive and vibrant. Diane lovingly wiped tears from his eyes during their ceremony and I think everyone in the audience was emotionally wrecked after that, in a good way. As the day continued the love, joy and tears never stopped. From the ceremony, the first dances all the way to the toasts the love kept on pouring out.

I’m so humbled and blessed I was asked to document this beautiful day! Thank you Matt and Diane for trusting me to document you love and preserve your memories! Congratulations and have the best first year of marriage! As 2019 weddings are filling up my calendar I can’t help but feel so thankful and excited to meet more couples like Matt and Diane, hear more loves stories and document more love. Get in touch today if you’re planning a wedding in 2019! I want to meet you and hear all about your story.





Traditional Indian Wedding At Friedman Farms ~ Steve & Shikha


I’m sitting here trying to express all of the love in my heart for Steve and Shikha and their beautiful celebration of their marriage and I just can’t find the right words. It was such an incredible honor to be asked to document their wedding! So much love, joy, and beauty wrapped up into one weekend. Their traditional Indian celebration made my heart sing! The big thing I took away from this experience is that Indian weddings get it really really right on how to celebrate love! I’ve never seen so much dancing, laughing and smiles! It warmed my soul! I’m telling you this was just a very special wedding.

Steve and Shikha are such an inspiring couple, unfailingly kind and generous and hopelessly in love with each other. Could it get any better?! I seriously do just fall in love with all my couples, I can’t help it. I’ve been so blessed to be impacted by each and everyone of my amazing couples. You all really do inspire me to be a kinder, more loving and better version of myself, (Sorry I’m rambling because I’m all emotional). and Steve and Shikha were no exception. I knew from the first time I met them that they were special and I’m so thankful to know them.

Steve and Shikha chose to have their wedding at the stunning Friedman Farms and it was such a beautiful place for all their friends and family to gather. We laughed, ate good food and danced the night away. Oh it made my heart so full! I’m so happy that there exists in this world a couple as sweet and loving as Steve and Shikha, and oh how excited I am to see all that they will journey on to do together. Lots of love to you both and thank you again for inviting me to document your love story!

Scroll through and enjoy all the beauty and love from their day and be sure to get in touch if you’re ready to celebrate your love! I can’t wait to meet you and document your love story. As my 2019 calendar starts filling up I’m overwhelmed with the amazing love stories I get to document and the people I get to meet. I feel SO blessed by all of you! <3





A Rainy & Romantic Proposal ~ Zack and Ruth


Hold on to your seats guys because this rainy and romantic proposal is to die for! I can’t even tell you guys how much I love proposals! It’s one of the first things I ask my couples when we sit down together at their pre wedding consultations, “What is your proposal story?” There is just something so magical about that moment in time where you ask the love of your life to be yours till the end of your days and I truly believe that proposal stories say so much about the couple. I LOVE it when I’m invited along to capture that magical moment, so when my future brother in law asked me to photograph his proposal to my sister I was elated!!

So we made plans to have a photoshoot and of course the day we scheduled it for was pouring rain. Zack and I were determined but Ruth was utterly confused as to why we were hiking up a mountain in the torrential downpour just for a random photoshoot. And I am definitely not exaggerating at all when I say it was a torrential downpour, it was intense. But this was the day that Zack needed to ask Ruth to be his wife and it turned out to be absolutely 100% PERFECT! They could not have asked for a more perfect moment.

We got to the top and after a couple of normal pictures I had Ruth turn her back and Zack got down on one knee and sweetly professed his love to my sister who was crying with joy. He barely got the whole question out before she tackled him with a kiss. It was beautiful. We were all soaked but thoroughly happy. The rain falling down on them felt to me to further demonstrate the rush of emotions and love as it aggressively poured down from the sky. *Full warning I’m about to go full cheese over here but….* it was as if they were being drenched up in their love for each other. ….. I know, I know, I did warn you it would be cheesy but it’s true! It was a seriously beautiful moment.

I could not be more happy for these two and I could think of no better man for my sister and I have some very high standards, but Zack loves my sister as well as I could have ever wished for her. They are both so good for each other and I can’t wait to see them enter into the wonderful and beautiful journey of marriage together….. and I have to stop now because I’m too emotional and could go on forever. But hopefully you’ll forgive me for my ramblings, after all, it’s my sister we’re talking about.

Please scroll through and fall in love with this beautiful moment as I did and men keep this in mind before you pop the question to your girl, having a photographer there is always worth it!




An Intimate Backyard Wedding ~ Angel and Jon


It’s been way to long since I’ve blogged! I’m sorry guys! I’ve been so busy with so many beautiful weddings and adventures and I will try to keep you better updated starting off with Angel and Jon’s heartfelt and intimate backyard wedding. Angel and Jon have such a special love story. They met at Shepards Camp which is a camp with a special purpose of caring for and loving those this world usually neglects. They fell in love there and are now living and working there full time. That friendly and loving community is a big part of their life and as is only right was also a big part of their wedding day. They also chose to celebrate their day in Angel’s parent’s backyard and it could not have been more perfect.

The love and respect Angel and Jon have for each other really touched me. Their is a deep affection for each other there that no storm of this world can break and that warms my heart. Marriage is a beautiful union that the world seems to have less and less respect for so it’s such a breath of fresh air to work with couples who really love and value each other and marriage as Angel and Jon do. And any couple who blasts The Greatest Showman and has a sing/dance off with their guest will automatically become my favorite! Hahaha but seriously. I about died of happiness.

I am so passionate about intimate weddings because they are all about celebrating the best day of your life with all of the people you love the most. No stress no big show just real and raw beauty. It’s truly such an honor to be trusted to document something to intimate and special. I’ll never get over that thrill. And with that I will let you scroll through and enjoy this lovely day. Enjoy!







Colombia River Gorge Adventure Session –



I am so lucky to have met so many amazing couples while I was in the Pacific Northwest this April. One of those amazing couples was Lauren and Gavin. Lauren and Gavin are adventurous souls at heart which makes them so fun to hang out with! We had a surprisingly awesome time running around in the rain and getting soaked to the bone. I just about teared up while I was editing their session just looking at the sweet way they look at each other. There is no doubt that they sure do love each other! I’m seriously just in awe of their adorableness! Working with couples who are head over heals for each other just makes my heart so happy.

I did slip on a rock, fall on my butt and had huge purple bruise on my bottom in the process of photographing these two, had two umbrellas break on me and fly away in the process of photographing these two. It was all well worth it! Running around in the rain documenting their love was one of the highlights of my trip. I think I may have fallen in love with these two!

Oregon is so magical that it doesn’t matter if the weather is crappy, it still looks 100% enchanting. I can’t tell you the number of times it was raining and I was convinced that it was the best way to experience the beauty of Oregon. Thoroughly soaked and completely happy! I whole heartedly believe this Norwegian saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” Unfortunately I was wearing bad clothes lol. But I quickly fixed that by running to the store and getting the rain coat I forgot to pack.

I’m so glad I got the chance to explore with Lauren and Gavin and witness their sweet love for one another! Enjoy scrolling through their session and our adventure together!





Mt. Hood Intimate Cabin Elopement


Elopements in the middle of the woods are already pretty much my favorite thing but elopements in the middle of Oregon’s gorgeous woods…. I mean I just about had a heart attack because I was so happy. Is there anything as beautiful as the lush forests of Oregon? I don’t know, it’s hard to beat, with the beautiful moss and waterfalls everywhere. I truly believe that this little cabin nestled in the woods in Mt. Hood is the perfect place to get married for those who want an adventurous and intimate celebration.

This perfectly styled, intimate elopement was a dream. Wesley and Brandon’s tender love for each other just left me swooning hard. Wesley’s bouquet was a bohemian dream. Kiss Me Kate Florals just nocked it out of the park! And the invitation suite by Gemini Design House was perfect! And I was just head over heals swooning over the beautiful purple tablescape. (I also think all tablescapes should from now on be in the woods, covered in lovely moss.) Every single detail came together just perfectly thanks to my girl Vicki Moyer and her amazing styling and planning abilities.

In typical PNW fashion it rain almost all day but the shade of the trees sheltered us from getting too wet and the sun even came out towards the end! We had the absolute perfect setting for this love filled day! I couldn’t of been more happy with how it all turned out! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Scroll down and enjoy the beauty of this intimate, perfectly styled elopement.



Keep scrolling to see all the amazing vendors that contributed to this beautiful day!

Invitation/Suite & Calligraphy : Gemini Design House

Florals: Kiss Me Kate Floral

Makeup Artist: Cru Artistry

Groom’s Ring : Midnight Jo

Ring Box : Secret Keeper Box

Dyed Ribbon : Marivel Espinoza

Design/Styling : Vicki Moyer




Powell City Of Books Engagement Session


I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever. Sorry guys! I’ve been travel quite a bit already this spring but I will try and keep up and share all of these awesome sessions, weddings and elopements I’ve been documenting. I will start off with this adorable engagement session at Powell’s City of Books. In the beginning of April after just getting home from Italy I flew off to Seattle to spend time exploring and photographing with some great friends I met in Ireland last year. One of our first stops was in Portland wear we met Lauren and Kevin who are just the sweetest and most adorable engaged couple. I know I was audibly making aw noises the whole time with these two. And you couldn’t of asked for a more romantic and quaint location than Powell’s. As a huge book lover I could have probably spent a week in this magical place. Anyone else feel that time at a book store is a great date night? I know Tim and I love it and any chance we have when we are childfree it’s one of our favorite places to be if we aren’t spending our time outdoors.

You will see more of these two cuties as we did go to another location and more adorableness ensued but I didn’t have room to show you here, so you’ll have to wait a little longer. I definitely loved exploring Portland, it should be added to anyone’s travel list who loves unique shops and restaurants. And although I was much more excited to go explore Oregon’s beautiful landscapes I was charmed by the beauty of Portland as well. I did feel quite at home here.

I’m so glad I got a chance to meet Lauren and Kevin and document their sweet love. I don’t think you can be around the two of them without smiling. They were seriously so sweet but don’t just take my word for it, go ahead and scroll down and enjoy their adorable session!





Lord Of The Rings Wedding


This Lord Of The Rings Styled Wedding was one of my favorite parts of 2017. As a HUGE LOTRs fan I was pretty much dying the whole time of extreme happiness. Not only are LOTRs my favorite movies but also my favorite books and favorite soundtrack. (Fun fact: Tim had the LOTRs soundtrack playing while he proposed to me.) For my family Lord Of The Rings is a very big deal. Savannah and Wayland were perfect for this! He had that rugged Aragorn quality and Savannah without a doubt embodied Lady Galadriel. And how perfect are those invitations!!! I was just about hyperventilating as I was looking over all the perfect details.

Ireland was just about the most perfect location, almost as perfect as if we were actually in New Zealand. We couldn’t of asked for a more perfect setting. The little girl in me that always dreamed of being a wood elve felt for a brief moment like Sam did when he saw elves for the first time in person. I will try and stop nerding out on you guys here but as you can tell this was a very important fairytale to me.

Hiking around in the rain was 100% worth it for this dreamy day. The only thing I would redo is having more time to photograph the beauty of this moment. The leaders of HOF (House Of Flynn) did an amazing job planning this and making the details absolutely spot on! So if you’re a LOTRs fan like myself you are just going to love every single part of this! I will have to stop now or I’ll just keep babbling like the true dork I am. Please scroll through and enjoy this absolutely breathtaking styled wedding. Now I’m going to pretend I’m in Hobbiton enjoying a pipe with Gandalf




A Charming Union League Wedding


This charming Union League Wedding was such an honor to document! You know when you meet people who inspire you to be a better person? Well that’s Alison and Kyle, you can’t be around them without being inspired. They are genuinely kind souls with a hearts that long to help others. Just a couple days before their wedding they rescued their second puppy by adopting him even when everyone thought they were nuts. In a world where people tend to be cruel and mean to each other it’s always a treasure to meet people with big hearts.

Alison and Kyle are just the perfect match and I loved being invited along to witness their love story! Their day was full of beauty, laughter and epic partying! They had Go Go Gadjet preform at their reception and it was like being invited to be at a rock concert but even more fun. I love when guest get so into dancing and are signing every word along with the band! Those are my kind of people!

Every bit of their wedding day was so charming, from the venue, the flowers to their sweet reactions to seeing each other for the first time. Union League is such an amazing place to hold a wedding, it’s historic building was the perfect touch. Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities, such a diverse city, full of art and music and love. Although I do love traveling all over the world documenting love stories I always adore my local Philly weddings. Each one is so special and full of heart.

Ultimately the best weddings are those filled with the most heart, no matter where they are, how many guest, or how much money you spend, if you put your heart into your wedding it will be the day of your dreams. It’s all about a celebration of love. So whether you want to declare your love on a mountain top on in a church just make sure you put who you are as a couple into your day, as Alison and Kyle did.

Enjoy scrolling through!