Positano Vow Renewal



I’ve been holding on to this intimate vow renewal in Positano, Italy for way too long! I know so many of you have been wanting to see this and I’m sorry for making your wait so long! I think part of me was waiting to post because I didn’t want this trip to be over. I loved my time in Italy with Andrew and Rebecca and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. Italy is magical, the food, the people the amazing landscapes so vast and different wherever you go and oh the WINE! I absolutely loved exploring this beautiful place and I loved capturing Andrew and Rebecca’s steadfast love for each other.

Andrew and Rebecca are parents to two beautiful little girls and they have been living as a family in Italy while Andrew is stationed there and Rebecca explores as much of Italy as she can in her free time with her girls. It definitely is one of the many things that inspired me to travel with my own daughter and oh my heart is that rewarding. So thank you for that Becky! <3 It really made such an impact on my life!

I always love watching couples and their unique way of loving each other and my time with Andrew and Rebecca was no exception. A love that started a family, an adventure together and that is standing the test of time. It always warms my heart to see this because I truly believe love is worth it and needs to be celebrated in this world. I’m so glad I had the chance to capture this intimate vow renewal in the enchanting city of Positano.

This dress has kinda become a trend ever since Rebecca wore it so well and it’s really cool to see that since I love unique dresses. This dress is from the very talented designer Chotronette and the absolutely stunning vow books were designed by my good friend at Flourish Grace Calligraphy. I will link both of their sights for all you brides out there to check out their awesome work!



I hope you enjoy scrolling through this lovely session and if you’re looking to elope or get married in Italy, PLEASE reach out to me because my heart is longing to go back to this gorgeous country!







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