An Intimate Elk Mountain Wedding ~ Cayla and Andrew



Cayla and Andrew’s Intimate Elk Mountain Wedding was one of those weddings that reminded me exactly why I dropped every other kind of photography and pursued wedding photography full time. Their unwavering love, devotion and respect for each other just blew me away. Love like that is rare in this world and worth celebrating and I was glad to be there to document the day these two promised each other forever. What a beautiful day it is when we choose to promise forever to each other, isn’t it? I never get tired of seeing the love, excitement and devotion in couples eyes as they start their journey into marriage. It’s so dang special!

Andrew and Cayla’s day was simple and beautiful and that’s all it needed to be. From the very start of the day there were happy tears as Cayla’s mom surprised her with a small piece of her wedding dress made into a necklace that she could wear so that she would be wearing her mom’s dress. Not gonna lie, I 100% was in tears and now plan to do this for my daughter’s wedding day. Such a beautiful gift! During their ceremony Andrew and Cayla both cried tears of love while exchanging beautiful handwritten vows to each other. The weather itself realized the importance of this day as it stopped raining just in time for them to have their outdoor ceremony and start pouring right after we were down with portraits. Everything just worked exactly as it was meant to in spite of anything that tried to come along and derail the plan.

Andrew and his groomsmen wouldn’t let rain ruin their outlook on the day, as soon as all the portraits were done they went mud sliding and it was SO fun! Everyone their was so full of excitement and love for Cayla and Andrew that it wouldn’t of mattered if it did pour rain all day they would have been dancing all night in it, thankfully they didn’t have to. But that’s how intimate and sweet this celebration was that everyone there was because they completely and honestly loved Cayla and Andrew and nothing else matter to them at all. I just LOVE days like this where the love is felt from everyone present. That is in my humble opinion the best way to celebrate love.

I’m beyond blessed that Cayla and Andrew trusted me with documenting these beautiful memories and that I had the chance to meet these two beautiful souls. Thank you to you both! Enjoy scrolling through some of the highlights from this really special, intimate wedding.







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