Lord Of The Rings Wedding



This Lord Of The Rings Styled Wedding was one of my favorite parts of 2017. As a HUGE LOTRs fan I was pretty much dying the whole time of extreme happiness. Not only are LOTRs my favorite movies but also my favorite books and favorite soundtrack. (Fun fact: Tim had the LOTRs soundtrack playing while he proposed to me.) For my family Lord Of The Rings is a very big deal. Savannah and Wayland were perfect for this! He had that rugged Aragorn quality and Savannah without a doubt embodied Lady Galadriel. And how perfect are those invitations!!! I was just about hyperventilating as I was looking over all the perfect details.

Ireland was just about the most perfect location, almost as perfect as if we were actually in New Zealand. We couldn’t of asked for a more perfect setting. The little girl in me that always dreamed of being a wood elve felt for a brief moment like Sam did when he saw elves for the first time in person. I will try and stop nerding out on you guys here but as you can tell this was a very important fairytale to me.

Hiking around in the rain was 100% worth it for this dreamy day. The only thing I would redo is having more time to photograph the beauty of this moment. The leaders of HOF (House Of Flynn) did an amazing job planning this and making the details absolutely spot on! So if you’re a LOTRs fan like myself you are just going to love every single part of this! I will have to stop now or I’ll just keep babbling like the true dork I am. Please scroll through and enjoy this absolutely breathtaking styled wedding. Now I’m going to pretend I’m in Hobbiton enjoying a pipe with Gandalf






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