An Emotional Backyard Wedding



When I think about this lovely wedding what really sticks with me is becoming a family. My absolute favorite moment from Sharon and Bob’s wedding is after the ceremony when Sharon and her sons embrace each other and Bob as a new family. Words can’t describe the beauty of that moment. Family is a beautiful, important thing that when found should be cherished.

True love is a beautiful thing no matter when you find it. When watching Sharon and Bob you could tell how dear they were to one another. The whole day was full of sweet moments and I found myself smiling all the time. I could just feel their love for each other and the love and happiness of their friends and family for them. That’s probably my favorite thing at weddings to see, the relationships and how each life affects so many.

Sharon and Bob opted for an intimate backyard wedding which definitely suited them. There was a bonfire, s’mores and singing around the campfire. What better way to celebrate with friends? Children ran around giggling with the dogs joining in the fun while adults huddled by the fire sharing stories and memories. It was a lovely day and I was happy to be there to capture it all. Now go ahead and scroll through to see this emotional backyard wedding! Enjoy!






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