A Waterfall Engagement Session ~ Ashley & Daniel



Ashley and Daniel were wed this month and I’m just getting around to blogging their E-Session. I’m so behind on blogging but I keep plugging away in hopes I’ll be caught up someday and because I just have to share all these beautiful sessions with you! Ashley and Daniel are one of the most fun couples I’ve ever photographed and you’ll hear more about them when I get their wedding blogged. We explored Nay Aug’s Waterfall and it proved to be an adventure! There were tons of boys and men there throwing themselves off cliffs to jump into the water. We watched them in both awe and a little bit concerned at the somersaults they were doing off the cliffs.

I am trying to not say too much about what a wonderful couple Ashley and Daniel are because I want to save it for the blog on their wedding day but it’s very hard to not rave about these two! Ashley is one of the kindest and most beautiful women I have met and Daniel reminds me a lot of Flynn Rider in Tangled for some reason, hilarious and sweet.

There was a ton of beauty at their session between the two of them and the waterfall but at the end there was also a ton of laughter as Daniel changed into a lumberjack outfit complete with booty shorts. I could not stop laughing as I was editing that section of their session. I had a ton of fun with them and I can’t wait to share their wedding day with you as well!






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