A Sweet Woodland Elopement ~ Jeremy and Erin



Jeremy and Erin’s intimate woodland elopement at Little Rocky Glen was such an honor to witness. I always love witnessing love and the start of a marriage. You can tell by the giddy smiles on their faces how very excited they were to be married to each other. That’s the kind of affection I adore to capture. They chose to elope with just their immediate family there to witness.

We found them the perfect spot and that’s just about all the planning that went into it. All that was important to them was that they wanted to be married to each other, every thing else was just details. I just adore that attitude! Truly all they needed was each other. Isn’t that the most romantic and sweet thing! They simply wanted each other. I can’t think of a better way to enter into your wedding day.

After their beautiful ceremony preformed by Glen Minister of the Trees, we hiked around Little Rocky Glen and had a ton of fun! Barefoot hiking adventures are my favorite! And after that we went back to their home and they snuggled with their cats which are an important part of their family. I love couples who love their fur babies and want them to be a part of their special day. Their fur babies weren’t so found of being photographed but we managed to get some before they leaped out of their arms to hide.

I adore being a part of Jeremy and Erin’s elopement, they are such a generous and awesome couple. It’s so evident that Jeremy dotes on Erin like she is a princess, to which she would say, “Well I am.” hahaha but they are truly perfect for each other and I am still in awe of their beautiful day and love!







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