Romance At The Cliffs Of Moher ~ Wayland and Savannah


It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, sorry guys! It’s been hard to keep up with all my summer travels but hopefully this absolutely breath taking session will make up for it! This romantic session at the Cliffs of Moher has completely stolen my heart! It was so hard to not post every single picture I captured from this session because they are all magical! I’m still swooning hard over it! Savannah and Wayland are one of the most amazing couples I’ve ever had the chance to photograph. Savannah’s dress seemed to be handmade by the sea and it was as if the sea kept calling to us. I’m sure I sound dramatic but I cannot describe how amazing my experience was at the Cliffs of Moher, it’s seriously one of the most beautiful places in the world!

I seriously just don’t even have the words to express how I feel about this session and all the exploring I did while in Ireland while I was at the House of Flynn Ireland workshop. It was the experience of a lifetime and I met so many other talented artists there, Savannah included. I left a piece of my heart there in Ireland. It’s truly a beautiful and magical place.

My adventurous heart craves and adores sessions like these and that’s why I am having a honeymoon session giveaway! I’m excited to see the places all my couples are going and to see who wins! Let’s travel the world together and document your love! Winner will be announced on September 1st. Email me for more info!

These were all shot for the wonderful House Of Flynn Ireland Workshop.

Models:  Savannah Kate Morgan and Wayland Morgan

Savannah’s dress designer :






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