An Emotional And Intimate Garden Wedding ~ Stephanie & Max



There are hardly words to describe this intimate garden wedding at the Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh. The thing that made Stephanie and Max’s Wedding day beautiful wasn’t their color scheme, bouquets, or decorations but the pure love and joy that was present. The amount of tears and emotion I witnessed and felt was incredibly special and heartwarming. I encourage all engaged couples to consider having an intimate wedding for this very reason. There is no way to describe how beautiful having just your close friends and family by your side, skipping traditions and stripping the day down to exactly what is meant to be, a celebration of a new family being formed. It’s truly a privilege to witness Stephanie and Max’s day, everything from their vow, the poems they had family read, and the toasts was just magical. You could really see the love everyone had for these two souls and I welled up more than once. What could be more beautiful than the love of two people bring others together in harmony.

It was evident that Stephanie and Max are people who spend most of their time caring for others and trying to make the world a better place as every single one of their friends and family said in their toasts and just by how they treated everyone. They met overseas in the Peace Corp and Max even used a flag from that country to wipe his tears during their vows. And oh their vows, so genuinely beautiful. I wish I could remember them word for word because it truly embodied a commitment to each other that is so rare. Max had even made sure to give Stephanie a conflict free ring which is something that is something I’m passionate about as well. They truly made me reminisce about my time in Ethiopia serving orphans and long to go back. I love meeting people who truly make caring for others a priority.

Weddings like this remind me why I love what I do so much, meeting wonderful people and documenting beautiful memories and love. That’s why I always approach every wedding in a documentary style because that’s honestly what I’m there to do, document an life changing event. It’s a very special job and I love every opportunity I get to do it. Please enjoy a small look into their day, I had such a hard time narrowing down what to share. It was all just so beautiful!












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