SeaGlass Carousal Proposal ~ Adam and Elyse


I’ve been neglecting blogging recently as I’ve been traveling and working like crazy but I promise to be better as I have so much to share with you all. I just have to start with this heartwarming NYC Proposal because it’s impossible to not love!

This proposal was one of the sweetest things ever! Adam and Elyse are such a sweet couple and their love for each other was so evident! Real tears were shed and real joy was plastered all over Elyse’s face. I wish more people were as thoughtful as Adam and hire a photographer to be there for their proposal. Capturing the afterglow of this proposal was such a high, their love is so beautiful!

The SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park in NYC was a stunning and epic location! NYC is such a romantic city at night and the perfect atmosphere to compliment these two. The romantic city lights and the glow on both Adam’s and Elyse’s faces were so beautiful I couldn’t help but swoon. What an honor it was to capture this moment for them! This is exactly what I love so much about my job is capturing moments like this for my clients to treasure forever. It’s the best feeling ever and it will always give me a high to get to capture genuine emotions. I hope you all enjoy looking through my time with Adam and Elyse and try not to swoon to hard. 😉









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