A Dreamy Woodland Engagement Session | Hannah & Chris




I just love engagement sessions in the middle of the woods, there has always been something so romantic to me about the forest. Together in a secluded and beautiful environment that you almost forget there are other people on the plant besides the two of you, surrounded by one of nature’s most gorgeous displays, something about it gets me every time. No couple could have been more perfect to enjoy a romantic stroll through the woods with than Hannah and Chris! Their closeness and joy just light up the scene so beautifully. I felt like I was seeing poetry come to life. They gave me a real Ann Of Green Gables vibe, which is a dream come true.

Honestly, getting to work with couples so in love with each other, like Hannah and Chris, is such an awesome thing to be a part of. I feel so blessed to be a part of telling so many different and special couples love stories. It’s the best job on this planet! Seriously! I think the only thing that even comes close is maybe owning an vintage ice cream truck, cause let’s be honest, that’s got to be pretty cool.

Hannah and Chris are so much fun and totally head over heals for each other. You know a couple is in love when you ask them to make each other laugh, they just look at each other and after not even a second, they burst out laughing. Every time I had them look at each other they could not help but smile. I mean when you’re in love that’s all it takes, is looking at the face of the person you love, to completely brighten your day. I cannot wait to hang out with these two again on their wedding day! Such a sweet and vibrant couple, so full of life and love! Seriously guys, best job in the world! So honored to get to do what I do and the awesome people I meet along the way! Love to you all! <3











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