“We both loved having our maternity and newborn pictures taken by Bethel! She is a dear friend, which makes working with her even more fun, but besides that, she has a wonderful talent for capturing the personalities of the individuals and families she photographs. I appreciated how she was creative and inspired enough to direct some of our poses (with some really great ideas!), but still gave us enough freedom and encouragement to act naturally in front of the camera and just be ourselves! I like having that balance of direction and spontaneity. Her patience and vision for our newborn shoot were wonderful and I especially loved some of the close ups of my son’s sweet baby features – fingers, toes, and his little nose! Those pictures are a very special keepsake to remember those first few weeks by. I thought her ideas were great, and I appreciated the creativity in the photos we received from her. I felt her uniqueness as a photographer was evident, while still letting myself and my family shine through as the main focus. And of course, I am always supportive of any photographer whose skill continues to grow with each shoot that she does, and as I keep up with her work, I can obviously see that happening! I highly recommend her services and am still in awe over the beautiful pictures I have to treasure.” – Emily Koneski

“Bethel is everything you could ask for in a photographer! Talented, resourceful, and always ready to work with YOU the client! Personally I love her signature style of capturing beautiful images in natural light- but she is a woman of many talents and can work just about anywhere in any setting with fantastic results!

My family has had multiple photography sessions with her, and will continue to ask her to document the important events in our lives for years to come!”
-Elizabeth Johnson

What I love about Bethel’s photography is how she works hard to incorporate your style and personality into the shoot. She makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable, which helps your personality show in the photos she takes.

She values your input and takes your preferences into consideration. And Bethel picks great locations. I also love the lighting in her photos- they’re beautiful! Would definitely recommend her for photo shoot. ”
– Rachel Schian


“Bethel has done all of our photos for our family since our engagement photos. She has captured all of those great moments with her camera and each of the pictures we’ve received have been of such great quality. You can tell that she takes her time editing them and making sure they are the best they could be. We love it when we are doing shoots with her because she takes her time focusing and looking for the moments that really matter. Simple moments such as dealing with crazy children because they won’t sit still and then seeing parenting in action captured in the pictures really shows how real this is and how great Bethel is. She really does an amazing job of capturing the personality of the people she is photographing. We recommend her to anyone and everyone.” – Bethany Bolster

“We had a family photo session. We loved working with Bethel! She did a great job with the outdoor space that we were at. She had good ideas and used the lighting to our advantage. I loved how our indoor pictures seemed so natural and they capture how we feel as a family, not just how we look. There is a certain emotional depth and understanding to her photography that brings out so much more than just a “pretty picture”. We definitely plan to use her more in the future and I would recommend her to all my friends and family.” – Jessica Smith

“Bethel is such a dream to work with. She makes you feel comfortable and never forces a photo that feels staged or awkward. Our in-home session was so, so fun. Her editing is also beautiful; definitely the best photographer I’ve ever worked with.” ~ Salina McGinniss

“Bethel’s work is just so incredible and awe-inspiring. She has an amazing talent to create not just memories to look back on, but works of art. Love everything she creates!” ~ Nina Erdie

“Bethel is so talented and always amazes me with the precious moments that she captures. She always knows how to make you feel comfortable and is very fun to work with. I absolutely love having her photograph my family’s big moments and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for amazing pictures!” ~ Sherry Lee Stang

“Our family so enjoyed our “in home” lifestyle / maternity photo session with Bethel! My 2 year old daughter loved her and she made it fun and took the pressure off. Bethel gets very creative shots, and really captured some wonderful memories of our little family. I really enjoyed the way she took the photos by offering just enough direction but yet not directing /posing us the whole time. She’s very talented and also sent me our completed pictures in a very timely manner. I highly recommend her!” ~ Cherith Sheridan

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