Isaac Benjamin’s Birth ~ Fresh 48 Session


This past weekend my best friend’s baby boy was born and I’m still giddy about it! He came three days early and I didn’t even have a chance to post his parent’s maternity session, which is why I snuck them into this post. 😉  Isaac couldn’t have more eager parents, little boy you will be so very loved! Knowing my best friend, you’ll be spoiled rotten with affection! What a blessed little boy you are Isaac, and you certainly are a precious little one.

I raced to the hospital as soon as I got the heads up so I could snuggle with this sweet boy and capture some of his first moments and I must say Fresh 48 Sessions are one of the most emotional and beautiful sessions ever! What an honor to photograph a new precious life and the impact that precious life has on their parents and all their loved ones. It’s simply beautiful!

I always forget how small they start out! It seems like just yesterday Caroline was visiting me in the hospital after Hazel was born and she was glowing as I’m sure I was holding baby Isaac. There is something very special about watching your friends have babies. I can’t put words to it but it has me swelling up with so much emotion!

Isaac has taken to breastfeeding like a champ which is such a blessing! Any breastfeeding mama who has had trouble with their newborn latching will agree that a baby that takes right to it is a HUGE blessing! Isaac also loves cuddles with his mama, it’s favorite thing besides eating so far. 🙂

As I’m sure you’ll see from the very evident joy plastered all over Carrie and Justin’s faces, they adore their son! I love this little family and I can’t wait to watch it grow and see Isaac reach all the cute milestones. And I absolutely cannot wait for Hazel to meet her new friend! Welcome to the world Isaac Benjamin Bedford, we love you!