Hello! I’m Bethel,

I’m an adventure wedding photographer residing in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I have a wandering soul that loves to travel and document the love of adventurous and genuine couples. I’m in love with couples who have wandering hearts and adventurous souls. If you dream of climbing a mountain, exploring the woods, declaring your love by a waterfall, we’re a match made in heaven. Wander into the wilderness with your love and bring me along for the adventure!

The real moments mean everything to me. I’m passionate about capturing authentic moments and the love and closeness that is unique and different for every couple I get to meet. I’m not into stiff poses or anything generic because I like see past all that to capture the real you. Real life is what intrigues me. I want to listen to your stories and revealing them with my camera. I love couples willing to be vulnerable with me and allow me to share your beautiful story.

I’m also a wife and a mother and I adore it. Tim and I were best friends first. I friend-zoned him for 4 years before I finally admitted to liking him. Lucky for me he was still interested! He’s truly my best friend and biggest supporter.

We were married for 1 year before we decided we wanted to grow our family and so along came Hazel. She’s hilarious, adorable and has a heart for people. I’m truly blessed.


Things I love….
God, Tim, Hazel, Africa, Scotland, Traveling, Chai Tea, Classical Music, Les Miserables, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Nature, Drive-in Movie Theaters, Friday Wing Night, Cake, Documentaries, Orphan Advocacy.

Things I Dislike ….
Spiders, Rude Drivers, Tomatoes, Comparison, Loud Noises While My Daughter is Sleeping , Onions, Shoe Shopping, Scary Movies.


Bonus Info…
I have Celiac Disease so I know what it’s like to have to live on a gluten free, soy free diet. It’s a hard knock life. :p
I don’t like too much time to myself. I get lonely, I’m like your friendly pet Labrador.
I love singing loud in the shower. It’s very cathartic.

I have a total wanderlust heart and travel is what makes my heart beat hardest. If your dream wedding day matches up with any of my bucket list travel destinations, I’d love to offer you a special package rate.

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